NVIDIA and AMD prepare aggressive reductions in GPU prices

The main models affected must belong to the high-performance segment

While the prices of RTX GPUs are already dropping in price steadily in recent months, new reports indicate that this trend is expected to intensify soon — and force AMD to follow a similar path. Information from the MyDrivers website indicates that NVIDIA is preparing “more aggressive actions to further decrease the value of the cards sold to consumers.

The site states that consulted sources say that part of the company’s strategy is offer even lower prices than those determined by AMDwhich also prepares reductions for the RX 6000 line. NVIDIA’s main objective is to help its partners get rid of RTX 3000 line inventories before the announcement and launch of the new RTX 4000 GPUs (Ada Lovelace).

It is not yet clear how aggressive the reduction will be, which depends mainly on the inventories that the company’s partnerships still have. Nonetheless, the expectation is that the values ​​will be cut by a few hundred dollars — EVGA recently set the example for decrease by $1000 the amount charged for your RTX 3090Ti.

High-performance GPUs are likely to be the most affected

According to information from the VideoCardz website, the price reductions prepared by NVIDIA must mainly affect your high performance cards. With the expectation that the RTX 4000 series will bring considerable leaps in graphics processing, it makes sense that the company wanted to get rid of the card units that tend to be surpassed both in price and in power by the new models.

The forecast is that the price cuts made by the manufacturers take effect from the end of Augustso those looking for a new GPU probably won’t miss out if they wait a few days to invest in a purchase. NVIDIA had already indicated that it was preparing a price cut in the preliminary release of its most recent fiscal report, which recorded a big reduction in its games segment.

While the company doesn’t directly cite this in its report, the cryptocurrency market’s big drop hit their business hard by abruptly decreasing demand for new GPUs. Reports indicate that, among the solutions sought by the company, is a renegotiation with TSMC to reduce production of the RTX 4000 as a way of finding a balance with the new market conditions.


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Source: PCGamesN, VideoCardz

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