Oversized T-shirt: learn how to assemble stylish looks without losing comfort

hello, Readers!!! You know I love fashion and today I want to exclusively approach a piece that combines comfort but much more than that, if you know how to put together a production and make that look, it becomes very stylish. I’m talking about the t-shirt oversized.

Comfort is the main advantage of this t-shirt design, but not the only one.Hailey Bieber, wearing the oversized t-shirt in a very casual proposal. @haileybieber/Disclosure/ND

If you like the look adopted by celebrities like Luísa Sonza, Hailey Bieber and Kristen Stewart, the t-shirts oversized are strong candidates to become the wildcard pieces of your wardrobe — with the advantage of combining comfort and style. Stripped and at the same time democratic, this t-shirt model can compose from looks of work, until looks more informal.

I had a chat with digital influencer of fashion, Nayara Carrilo and during it she highlighted to me that the size oversized adds a touch more”cool” to the proposal, which allows the t-shirt to be combined with more formal fabrics, such as tailoring. According to her, this balance is one of the best ways to wear the shirt. oversized at work.

“The prints and the size of the shirt refer to a more relaxed look, that is, depending on the company, it may not be the most appropriate. Therefore, joining this blouse with a more ‘elegant’ item, such as tailored pants, or a pleated skirt, is a way of being suitable for the dresscode without losing the originality of the look”, he added and I think that a black fake leather pants also allows you to look really cool.

Comfort is the main advantage of this t-shirt design, but not the only one.Oversized t-shirt with faux leather pants. @wattpad/Disclosure/ND

For women who already have a more relaxed footprint, the tip is to wear the t-shirt oversized with alternative parts. “Singer Luísa Sonza adheres a lot to these combinations. In general, she combines her t-shirts with looser pants — as is the case with wide leg, mom jeans and baggy — and ends with tennis. Hailey Bieber also has the same reasoning when putting together the proposals”, she pointed out to me during the conversation and I commented to her that this is what we see a lot on the social networks of both fashionistas, both in feed how much we stories.

Comfort is the main advantage of this t-shirt design, but not the only one.Luísa Sonza wearing the oversized t-shirt with super casual baggy pants. @luisasonza/Disclosure/ND

If the person feels that this proposal is too masculine, the choice of shoe can make a difference. High heel boots ensure a stylish look with a touch of sensuality. On the other hand, thin heels or even block heels that leave the foot visible bring more femininity. “Accessories can also complement the look to bring the same sophistication effect”, guarantees Nayara Carrilo.

In everyday life or even in more relaxed looks, such as in the park or shopping, the t-shirt oversized It’s a piece that can be combined with shorts and sandals without looking messy. A tip that the influencer recommends and is super stylish and can help to enhance the look, finish it off with a cap or a bucket hat.

And a tip that I think is super cool is to tie a knot in the end of the shirt oversizedleaving it more adjusted to use with jeans or tailoring.

What’s up? Would bet on the use of the t-shirt oversized on your day by day?

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