Richest man in the world jokes and says he’s buying Manchester United

Amid the club’s crisis, businessman Elon Musk commented on a possible purchase on social media

The crisis in Manchester United is reaching new audiences. Amid the club’s negative results at the start of the new season, even the businessman Elon Musk commented on the team.

While commenting on his political positioning and the parties in the United States, the businessman joked that he would buy United.

“I am buying Manchester United”wrote Musk in his profile on twitter. It is worth remembering that, in recent seasons, on several occasions, fans of the club have protested against the Glazer family and asked for their departure from the governing body.

According to the latest Forbes magazine list, Musk is the richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of $219 billion. (about R$ 1.1 trillion at the current price).

Currently, Musk is CEO of Teslaa company of which he is a co-founder, and leads other companies such as SpaceX, Hyperloop, Neuralink, Startlink, The Boring Company, SolarCity and previously PayPal.

Joel and Avram Glazer, current owners of the English club, inherited it from their father, the magnate Malcolm Glazer. Initially, the brothers said they would listen to the fans and not interfere with the “United way of life”.

The promise, however, was left behind over the years and the negative results, causing the crowd to protest against the duo.

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