Table is released and Paysandu knows the access path

The sprint for the search to win the desired access to Serie B of the Brazilian Championship, for Paysandu, has already begun. After finishing 2nd in the qualifying stage of the competition, with 33 points won, the bicolor team is now looking for one of the four spots in the second division of 2023, in which it already knows in detail all the challenges in its next commitments.


CBF publishes detailed table of Series D

Paysandu should reopen Mangueirao stadium

Paysandu begins preparation for major decisions towards access

This Tuesday (16), the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), released through the official website, the clashes that will be held throughout the second phase of the 2022 Series C. With two groups, with four participants each, the clubs will compete over six rounds in turn and return, arriving between the top two to gain access. The first of each bracket, face each other in the competition decision.

The only participant from the North still in the dispute, Paysandu is in group C, alongside Vitória-BA, ABC-RN and Figueirense-SC. The Boogeyman’s initial duel will take place on Sunday (21), at 4 pm, at the Barradão stadium, in Salvador, against Vitória-BA. The first bicolor duel with his fans, in Belém, will be Saturday (27), at the Curuzu stadium, against ABC-RN. For having been among the top four in the 1st phase, Papão will conclude its games in the capital of Pará, on September 24, for the 6th round, also playing against Leão da Barra. So far, the game is scheduled for Curuzu, even with the possibility of using Mangueirao.


1st round

group B

20/08, 15h – Aparecidense x Mirassol – to be defined

08/21, 11 am – Botafogo-SP x Volta Redonda – Santa Cruz, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Group C

08/20, 17h – ABC x Figueirense – Frasqueirão, Natal (RN)

08/21, 16h – Vitória x Paysandu – Barradão, Salvador (BA)

2nd round

group B

08/27, 19h – Mirassol x Botafogo-SP – Municipal, Mirassol (SP)

08/29, 20h – Volta Redonda x Aparecidense – Raulino de Oliveira, Volta Redonda (RJ)

Group C

08/27, 17h – Paysandu x ABC – Curuzu, Belém (PA)

08/28, 17h – Figueirense vs Vitória – Orlando Scarpelli, Florianópolis (SC)

3rd round

group B

09/03, 19h – Volta Redonda x Mirassol – Raulino de Oliveira, Volta Redonda (RJ)

04/09, 15h – Aparcidense x Botafogo-SP – to be defined

Group C

03/09,17h – Figueirense x Paysandu- Orlando Scarpelli, Florianópolis (SC)

09/04, 19h – Vitória x ABC – Barradão, Salvador (BA)

4th round

group B

09/10, 19h – Mirassol x Volta Redonda-Municipal, Mirassol (SP)

9/11, 11am – Botafogo-SP x Aparecidense – Santa Cruz, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Group C

09/10, 17h – ABC x Vitória – Frasqueirão, Natal (RN)

09/11, 17h – Paysandu x Figueirense- Curuzu, Belém (PA)

5th round

group B

09/17, 15h – Aparecidense x Volta Redonda – to be defined

09/19, 20h – Botafogo-SP x Mirassol – Santa Cruz, Ribeirão Preto (SP)

Group C

09/17, 17h – ABC x Paysandu – Frasqueirão, Natal (RN)

09/18, 16h – Vitória x Figueirense – Barradão, Salvador (BA)

6th Round

group B

09/25, 17h – Mirassol x Aparecidense- Municipal, Mirassol (SP)

09/25, 17h – Volta Redonda x Botafogo-SP – Raulino de Oliveira, Volta Redonda (RJ)

Group C

10/24, 17h – Paysandu x Vitória- Curuzu, Belém (PA)

10/24, 17h – Figueirense x ABC -Orlando Scarpelli, Florianópolis (SC)

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