Table with OLED screen and own operating system announced by Lumina

The table is an item that can add more to your productivity and have more functions than you think. For example, Xiaomi has already thought something close to this with the launch of a ‘gamer table’. In addition, a table has already appeared on the market that was, in fact, a case to build your PC, the Hydra Desk.

This time, Lumina comes up with a product of this type, with a smart table that stands out for having an integrated OLED-type screen. Likewise, it has its own operating system, Lumina OS, which helps with usability and makes it possible to install some applications such as Twitter or Spotify.

The main idea is to increase user productivity during work. Therefore, running widgets is a way to read some content without necessarily stopping what you are doing. The display, in addition to being OLED, has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and up to 1200 nits of brightness.

Despite everything, it is worth saying that it does not have Touch Screen technology, to avoid possible accidental touches, according to the manufacturer. However, it comes with a protective layer against scratches and also against oiliness. The display size is 24 inches and sits right in the center of the Lumina Desk.

It is worth noting that it also has height adjustment and can be programmed, something similar to what you see in the Genius Desk. Finally, the table has 6 USB-C ports and six outlets. The price of the product is $1,000, something around R$5,141 at the current price.

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