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Pete Davidson is enjoying a moment. After the comedian recently announced his departure from SNL, it’s clear he’s redirecting his creative energy to the big screen. Davidson proved his acting skills in The King of Staten Island in 2020, appeared as Blackguard in The Suicide Squad, and now there’s the acclaimed horror movie bodies bodies bodies scheduled for release on August 5, 2022.

With a dozen films under his belt at this stage of his acting career and at least three more in various stages of production, it’s time to see how IMDb users feel about the ups and downs of Pete Davidson’s filmography to date.


10 The Scrolls of Jesus (2019) – 4.4

a misguided Big Lebowski spin off, The Scrolls of Jesus continues the criminal exploits of cult favorite Jesus Quintana (John Turturo) after his release from prison. The lackluster vanity design has left many scratching their heads, especially since there is so little bowling. Fortunately, Davidson steps in on the final reel and injects a much-needed levity as Jack, an ex-con who joins Jesus after his release from prison.

Despite the excellent ensemble, most IMDb detractors note the unholy expectations the film faced compared to the Coen brothers’ original, which it could never live up to. Outnumbered supporters are quick to embrace the film’s charms, accepting that it’s not a Coen brothers film and judging it on its own terms as an entertaining character-driven crime film that stands on its own entertainment merits.

9 What Men Want (2019) – 5.3

Pete Davidson plays a foul-mouthed office worker in the genre romantic comedy what men want. Incandescent movie star Taraji P. Henson plays Ali Davis, a female sports agent in a male-dominated industry who suddenly gains the ability to hear men’s inner thoughts, which she uses for her own benefit. Davidson channels his smart wit as Danny, a young agent-in-training.

what men want is predominantly panned on IMDb compared to the Mel Gibson original, with perhaps the most salient comment coming from a user who accurately hinted that what men and women want is a good movie. Unfortunately, aside from Henson’s compelling lead performance, most feel the film is a loose, lifeless, lazy retread of a far more charming affair.

8 Shipwreck (2015) – 6.2

Dr.  Conners tends to a patient's knee at Trainwreck

by Judd Apatow shipwreck concerns Amy (Amy Schumer), a commitment-phobic party girl who is forced to grow up in a hurry when she meets and falls in love with a genuinely decent gentleman in Dr. Aaron Conners (Bill Hader in one of his most iconic roles). Davidson makes a hilarious cameo as Dr. Conners who was injured playing Xbox and tripping over his bong.

While the film was a huge critical and commercial success, many on IMDb are less impressed by the story-heavy nature, excessive runtime, and irredeemable and somewhat unpleasant lead. However, several IMDb voters defend the film’s unconventional take on formulated romantic comedies that seem suited to Schumer’s specific kind of crass humor, with Apatow once again hitting comic gold.

7 The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) – 6.4

Jerry holds a cup of tea near Carl in Angry Birds The Movie 2

Inside The Angry Birds Movie 2, the brave avian heroes of the original are back and forced to team up with the pigs to stop a massive weapon from destroying their islands. Davidson adds memorable moments of levity as Jerry, a bird who spends much of his time fighting Carl (Zach Woods). The two actors have a hilarious comedic chemistry.

A top following in all respects, IMDb users agree with critics that Angry Birds 2 It’s a more satisfying and well-made film than its predecessor, with the overwhelming sentiment on IMDb reflecting how surprisingly enhanced the story beats are, how rich the characterizations become, and how the film has the absurdity of appealing to children and their parents. one time.

6 Configure (2018) – 6.5

Duncan sits on a couch in Set It Up

Directed by Claire Scanlon, Set it up is a Netflix workplace romantic comedy in which Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) try to relieve the corporate stress of their job by secretly arranging for their bosses to date each other. Davidson plays Charlie’s sardonic roommate Duncan, who serves as comic relief.

Praised on IMDb for its combustible relationship between Deutch and Powell, lighthearted touch, easy, lighthearted tone, surprisingly smooth story beats, and its truly romantic conclusion, Set it up proves there’s still room for old-school romantic comedies devoid of the callous cynicism often felt in movies.

5 I Want You Back (2022) – 6.6

With a silly, high-concept premise, Jason Orley I want you Back finds Emma (Jenny Slate) and Peter (Charlie Day), recently scorned, joining forces to sabotage their former lovers’ new romances. Davidson plays Jase, a partying hipster who helps Peter relax a bit as he yearns for his ex, Anne (Gina Rodriguez).

The general consensus on IMDb reveals that I want you Back it’s surprisingly much better than most people expected, with Day, Slate and Scott Eastwood really standing out for their comedic flair. Others are quick to single out the stellar cast to elevate a tired, clichéd, stereotypical rom-com to exciting new heights. Warm, confused and full of heart, I want you Back it is seen as a cut above most generic rom-coms.

4 Great Adolescence (2019) – 6.9

Also directed by Jason Orley, Davidson gives one of his best, meatiest, and most memorable performances in the touchingly accurate coming-of-age comedy, Great Adolescence. The story concerns Monroe (Griffin Gluck), a serious suburban teenager whose life is wildly turned when he starts dating the rebellious college dropout Zeke (Davidson).

With no shortage of effusive praise for Davidson’s turn as the funny and sadly self-destructive Zeke, IMDb users praise the film’s salient messages about the growing pains of adolescence, with a deep ending shocking viewers like few movies have. Davidson has been.

3 Dirt (2019) – 6.9

Despite taking a critical beating, IMDb fans responded much more favorably to the Netflix biographical drama The dirty, which chronicles the rise of heavy metal rock band Motley Crue. Davidson plays Tom Zutaut in the film, an executive working for Elektra Records who offers the band a five-album deal in the early 1980s.

Countless Motley Crue fans have taken to IMDb to express their delight at the exhilarating experience of rocking the crowd, but even those who claim to have never heard the band’s music also support the highly entertaining film, regardless of whether viewers are fans of the band. or not. Several IMDb users also note the compelling characters, perfect cast, incredible performances, and how fun the nostalgic time warp that takes some older viewers back to the 80s is.

2 The King of Staten Island (2020) – 7.1

Scott relaxes with his mother in the living room at The King of Staten Island

In his biggest role and most compelling performance to date, Davidson proved his talent as an actor in Judd Apatow’s highly re-watchable film, The King of Staten Island. The story follows Scott, a blatantly irresponsible slacker forced to grow up in a hurry when his mother starts dating a firefighter and encourages him to find his own way in the world. Over time, Scott develops an interest in firefighting and begins to make personal progress.

Given Davidson’s real-life father serving as a firefighter, there’s a vulnerable authenticity to the character that goes a long way toward sympathizing with Scott’s plight. Raw, refreshing, and revealing of a side of Davidson that many fans didn’t know he possessed, IMDb users praise the film’s realistic tone, grounded characters, accurate depiction of 20-something halted development, and the fully dimensional performance that Davidson delivers. offers.

1 The Suicide Squad (2021) – 7.2

Blackguard sits on the plane in Suicide Squad

According to IMDb, Pete Davidson’s best movie was James Gunn’s. The Suicide Squad. With a Metascore equivalent to 72, critics and fans alike agree that the story of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and her wickedly marauding villains from Corto Maltese is a chaotically anarchic good moment in cinema. Davidson plays Dick Hertz, aka Blackguard, a dim-witted mercenary who is treated rudely by the Suicide Squad.

Of course, considering the David Ayer debacle, most IMDb fans compare the two versions of the film, with support found on both sides of the argument. However, most agree that Gunn has a better understanding of the story and characters and appropriately injects the proper high-octane energy into the tone and frame of DC’s beloved comic.

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