“Twilight” Director Barred Taylor Swift From The Film; know the curious reason

Chris Weitz made a surprising revelation to the podcast “The Twilight Effect” this Tuesday (16). The director of “Twilight: New Moon” confessed that he had to “reluctantly turn down” the participation of Taylor Swift in the film, which was released in 2009.

Weitz commented on the story by recalling that many celebrities who were fans of the saga tried to get bits in the films. “The craziest story of all to hear was that Taylor was a big fan of ‘Twilight’. At the time, we had the same agent and he told me, ‘Taylor would like to be in this movie – not because of her, but because she’s a twihard. (as fans of the saga are called)’”, he recalled in the podcast, presented by Melanie Howe and Ashley Greene, who played Alice in the plot. “She could be someone in the cafeteria, or in a restaurant, or whatever… she just wants to be in the movie.“, would have continued the manager of the singer.

Though tempting, Weitz explained that an appearance by a star of Swift’s stature could “overshadow” the story of the plot. “The hardest thing for me was that, like, the moment Taylor Swift appeared on screen, even for five minutes, no one else could process anything or pay attention to anything else.“, he pondered.

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He recalled that “blamed himself” by the decision. “I was like, ‘Wow, I could be hanging out with Taylor Swift.’ we could be friends“, he admitted. “She must have thought, ‘wow, who is this idiot?’ But the truth is, sometimes you have to make decisions thinking about what’s best for the movie.“, he explained.

Years later, Swift came to participate in some productions such as the series “New Girl” and the feature “Cats”. In addition, the blonde should appear in “Amsterdam”, a new film with Margot Robbie that will be released in November in the United States.

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