Uber hits the hammer and will end this modality

Uber users have until October 31 to take advantage of the program that will be closed; understand

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Last weekend, Uber communicated to users of the transport app that the loyalty program, Rewards, which was launched in Brazil in 2019, will be closed. According to the company, the decision is global and, at least for now, there will be no replacement program.

Uber Rewards

Uber Rewards allowed users of the platform to accumulate points with each ride or order (in Uber Eats), which could be exchanged for benefits, such as discounts on the platform itself or with partners such as streaming services.

On Saturday (13), a statement on the subject was sent to users of the platform in Brazil. “You have until August 31 to accumulate points. After that date, benefits tied to program levels will also cease to exist.”

According to the statement, the points already accrued can be redeemed for benefits until October 31, 2022. However, on November 1, Uber Rewards will be “fully terminated”. In this way, it is possible to view the points and redeem the benefits in the ‘Account’ section in the Uber app.

global decision

Thus, the end of Uber Rewards will not only happen in Brazil, but in all the company’s operations around the world.

“On Saturday, August 13th, we announced to our users that Uber Rewards will end on November 1st. (…) We thank our users for their loyalty and for being part of Uber Rewards,” Uber said in a statement.

Profit and Loss

In the second half of 2022, Uber had a loss of US$ 2.6 billion globally (R$ 13.2 billion at the current exchange rate), against a profit of US$ 1.14 billion recorded in the same period in 2021.

However, the company has sought to close its most loss-making operations (such as Uber Eats delivery in Brazil). Which has allowed the platform to increase its revenue. Thus, sales in the second half of this year were US$ 8.07 billion, double the amount recorded between April and June 2021.

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