Ukrainian strategy is to “create chaos within Russian forces”

After about six months of war, Ukraine is committed to reinforcing the counter-offensive and creating “chaos within Russian forces” by channeling attacks aimed at supply lines in occupied territories. The information was released by one of President Zelensky’s top advisers.

In an interview with The GuardianMykhailo Podolyak added that more attacks could be carried out similar to those that took place in Crimea in recent days.

On Tuesday, a Russian ammunition depot was targeted by a attack in the Dzhankoi district of Crimeaan incident that led Moscow to admit an “act of sabotage”. Ukraine did not claim the attacks, but Mykhailo Podolyak describes the attack as an example of “demilitarization in action”.

Last week, several explosions at Novofedorivka air base in Crimea are believed to have caused and destroyed several Russian planes. About this attack, the Russia spoke of an “accident”.

Zelensky’s adviser suggested that the attack on the air base last week could have been the work of “guerrillas”, but dismissed any suggestion that it could have been an accident, as Moscow described.

From Kiev, Podolyak said the The strategy now involves “destroying Russian logistics, supply lines and depots of munitions and other objects of military infrastructure. is to create a chaos within its own forces”.

Zelensky’s adviser’s remarks can be interpreted as an acknowledgment that the Ukraine is struggling to accumulate enough resources to sustain a full-fledged counteroffensive in the south of the country, which normally requires a superiority of three or more soldiers to one.

Aided by the West with long-range missiles, Podolyak adds that Ukraine hopes to degrade the invading force through “a lack of supplies and a lack of ammunition” that “will make the Russians fight as they did in the first months of the war.”

During the interview with the British newspaper, the adviser praised the UK’s role in supporting Ukraine, which, in some respects, exceeded that of the US, and said he expected strong aid to continue after Boris Johnson steps down.

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