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Vasco filed a representation against CSA at the CBF, on Tuesday night. The carioca club asks the entity to force the opponents of next Thursday’s game to reduce the amount charged to Vasco residents to enter the Rei Pelé Stadium. Tickets for visiting fans are being sold at R$ 160 (R$ 80 for half price).

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The contact with the CBF took place after Vasco received complaints from fans in Maceió and also in other northeastern states, such as Bahia, Sergipe and Paraíba. Vasco residents said they were reconsidering going to the game due to the high price of tickets.

Rei Pelé Stadium — Photo: Ailton Cruz/Gazeta de Alagoas

The Vasco board alleges that the CSA is infringing the rule that determines that the home club must charge the visiting fans the same price as the sector equivalent to their fans. In this case, Vasco says that Sector D, where the Vasco residents will be, has the same conditions as Sector A, intended for fans of the Alagoas team. The price for this area is R$ 40 (R$ 20 for half price).

– We cannot agree with the unequal treatment being given to our fans in this match against CSA, forcing them to pay tickets four times more expensive than the rules. We hope that the CSA and the CBF take immediate steps to correct this irregularity – declared the 1st vice president general of Vasco, Carlos Roberto Osório, to the ge.

Map indicates sectors of the Rei Pelé Stadium — Photo: Reproduction

The rule on which Vasco is based to take the request to the CBF is in Article 86 of the General Regulations of Competitions of 2022. Paragraph 4 says the following:

“The prices of tickets for the visiting fans must necessarily have, in the respective sectors of the stadium or equivalent, the same values ​​of the tickets charged for the local fans, observing any provisions contained in the RECs”.

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In games in São Januário, for example, Vasco charges R$ 60 (R$ 30 for half price) from visitors, the same amount charged to Vasco residents who are in the stands.

This year, a similar amount to what CSA asks for was charged by Guarani in the game that took place in Manaus. At the time, however, even finding the price unfair, Vasco understood that there was no breach of the rule, because the same amount was charged from the visiting fans.

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See below the amounts charged by CSA for the game against Vasco, at 8 pm on Thursday, at Estádio Rei Pelé, for the 25th round of Serie B:

Ticket prices for CSA x Vasco — Photo: Reproduction

After the publication of the report, Vasco released the following note:

“The Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama informs that, this Tuesday, 8/16, it filed an application with the CBF to demand compliance with article 86, paragraph 4 of the entity’s General Regulations for Competitions, so that the price of tickets for the match CSA x CR Vasco da Gama, charged in the visiting sector are immediately matched to the prices of the corresponding sector for the local fans.

The prices set by the CSA for the departure next Thursday for the visiting sector (Sector D) are R$ 160.00 full and R$ 80.00 half price. In the corresponding sector for the local fans (Sector A) prices were set at R$ 40.00 for the entire ticket and R$ 20.00 for half-price tickets. At the prices currently in force, Vasco da Gama fans are being forced to pay 4 (four) times more than the fair price, which is contrary to CBF rules.

Vasco da Gama expects immediate action so that the CBF rules are complied with and that the rights of their fans are respected.”

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