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O Marvel Cinematic Universe crossed stormy seas. With the end of infinity sagabeloved characters died, others left the mantle of hero behind, while some were “promoted”. But between stories like Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, Archer hawk and others, new characters have stood out.

AND “new” does not just refer to “news”, but the age of these characters. In 2005under the promise of “not being what we expect them to be”you young avengers were presented. The team formed by Patriot, Hukling, Asgardian and iron boy came under the wings of Avengers originals. This story may be repeated in the coming years in cinema, but have you ever wondered who will make up this team?

we separate here which MCU characters could be part of a future adaptation of the Young Avengers. Check out! And don’t forget to comment that another character, not yet shown in theaters, deserves space on this team!

Billy & Tommy Maximoff

Billy and Tommy are probably the most anticipated additions by fans of the Marvel. Even though the two came to life with the performances of Julian Hilliard and Jett Klyne in Wandavision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessit is speculated that the heroes may gain new interpreters.

The reason for this is that the two are the youngest actors in this wave of heroes. And that could be a problem whether or not Disney decides to keep some romantic relationships. So the best way out could be a “rescaling”.

The two are children of Scarlet Witch and were presented for the first time in 1989, but only gained the nickname of heroes years later. In 2005Billy and Tommy became Wiccan and swiftmaking up the original Young Avengers team.

Cassie Lang

Cassieunlike other characters on this list, has already appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. the daughter of Scott Lang appeared twice more in the Marvel timeline.

In Ant Manthe character was played by Abby Ryder Fortsonwhile its adult version in Avengers: Endgame had interpretation of Emma Fuhrmann. But who will definitively be like Cassie is? Kathryn Newtonknown as Freaky – In the Body of a Killer and Detective Pikachu.

The character serves as the spirit version of the Ant Man for the Young Avengers. with the name of Staturethe character does not need to use the Pym particles to access your skills. But, we will only see the character as a heroine in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

America Chavez

It is unfair to treat America Chavez as a character already introduced to the MCU Introduced in a chaotic movie like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe character failed to show even half of what it is in the comics.

Interpreted by Xochitl Gomez, America promises to be a strong addition to the Young Avengers of cinema. Being one of the later additions to the team in the comics, the character’s potency is second only to the extent of her abilities. Being able to travel through multiverseAmerica’s powers could put the group in curious situations, to say the least.

Kate Bishop

Being one of the darlings of the list, Kate Bishop did not shine in his introduction to the Young Avengers team. Always seen as unfriendly and “spoiled”the character only gained due prominence and love when she was placed next to Clint Barton in your solo title, Archer hawk.

But not MCUKate had the opportunity to be played by the charismatic Hailee Steinfeld. The actress represents one of “young not so young” from the list, so your position on the team could alternate between leader and “immature member”.

One way or another, Kate Bishop, or Hawkeyeis part of the original Young Avengers team, so the addition of the heroine in a possible adaptation of the group is essential.

Eli Bradley

Eli Bradley was a timid addition to the MCU. Unlike his fellow heroes, Eli wasn’t introduced with great promise. But as a reference for fans of the character in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

In the comics, Eli was the first leader of the Young Avengers. Under the name of Patriotthe boy carried a shield similar to the first of the captain America and, together, his grandfather’s legacy, Isaiah BradleyO “Black Captain America”.

With the rise of characters of color taking center stage in the narratives at Marvel Studios, the addition of Eli in an eventual adaptation of the Young Avengers would be more than necessary.

Riri Williams

laugh, unfortunately, arrived late to be a part of the Young Avengers in the comics. But, the character gained a new chance to be present.

THE Iron heart will be presented in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Interpreted by Dominique ThorneRiri would represent the technological core and “nerd” team’s. In the comics, whoever had this role in hand was the iron boyO Nathaniel Richards.

However, in theaters, the chances of having a young Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang the Conquerorhonoring the Iron Man they look small. Thus, Riri would be the right replacement for a Young Avengers team.

Kamala Khan

There is no way not to enter Iman Vellani on that list. Between criticism and praise, what remained in the series Ms. Marvel was the affection for the actress as Kamala Khan. The heroine is already scheduled to return to the MCU in the marvelsbut, she would be an interesting addition in the Young Avengers.

Ms. Marvel never got to compose the team in the comics, however, she was part of another group of young heroes, The Champions. The character benefits from solo stories for its cultural richness and representation, but seeing her in a team adds a different flavor to the character.

In these situations, instead of a teenager lost between identity and power, we have someone who make difficult decisions is that not afraid to lead.

Kid Loki

Like Eli, Kid Loki it was a “taste” for the fans. played by Jack Vealthe character has all the charisma of the Loki in Tom Hiddlestonbut in size “child”.

We don’t know if the God of Lies variant will return, but he was once a permanent member of the Young Avengers. In one of his formations, this reincarnation of Loki decided to leave his past behind and become a better person.

This new path includes cheating and confusion, but also a teenager discovering what it means to be a hero and what destinies can take different directions.

Bonus: Axl and Love

the future of axl and love at the MCU it is uncertain. The characters have no counterparts in the comics, which means that their participation in Thor: Love and Thunder may or may not mean a return to the franchise.

One way or another, it would be interesting to see a little more of the charisma of Kieron L. Dyer like the son of heimdall once again. Besides that it would be almost poetic to see India Rose Hemwsworthdaughter of Chris HemsworthO Thor, gain space in MCU as love.

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