Why doesn’t Fluminense’s load at Maracanã exceed 57 thousand? Journalist unravels

Maximum load being worked on has been around 57,000 (Photo: Leonardo Brasil – FFC)

Fluminense will face Fortaleza, this Wednesday, at Maracanã, for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil and the house is sure to be full. All tickets have already been sold, but in recent days a certain controversy on the subject has taken over the debates on social networks. Why doesn’t the club put more than 57,000 tickets on sale? On his YouTube channel, journalist Victor Lessa broke down the situation.

Currently, even with more people, but due to a safety margin, the maximum number of people that Maracanã can receive in a match is 70 thousand people. Even so, the stadium needs to be completely packed to reach such a mark, including the visiting fans sector.

There are about 4,000 captive chairs. In the video, the reporter explained that historically in Fluminense games, the occupancy of these seats is about half, just over 2,000. It also has cabins in the East and West sectors. Around 5000 more.

There are also the various courtesies provided for in the Maracanã concession contract. All this is taking up space and entering the account of the total audience.

In a recent game, Flamengo managed to reach 70 thousand, but it had a different context. Because their fans were not allowed to enter against Palmeiras in São Paulo, the Gávea club used the prerogative of reciprocity to not have Palmeiras in Maracanã. Thus, he sold all the tickets to his fans, including the visiting sector.

Fluminense, for example, could not do that in the match against Ceará. Due to the high demand due to Fred’s departure, there would have to be an agreement with the visiting club for the transfer of tickets from the opposing fans, which did not happen.

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