Woman arrested for murder after kissing inmate during prison visit

Rachel Dollard was prey last weekend by special agents from the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDOC) and the Dickson County Sheriff’s Department. She is accused of smuggle drugs at the Turney Center Industrial Complex, a prison for industrial criminals, and cause a death.

The American is facing accusations of second-degree murder and introduction of contraband into a penal facility and is being held in a Hickman County Jail.

The accusations came after the death of Joshua Brown, who was serving an 11-year sentence for drug trafficking. His sentence was set to expire in 2029.

During a visit in February, the prosecution says, Rachel passed drugs to Joshua “while the two shared a romantic kiss during the visit to the Turney Center Industrial Complex.” The visitor was hiding methamphetamine in his mouth and was able to pass it to the inmate orally.

Joshua Brown died of an overdose Photo: Disclosure/Tennessee Department of Correction

The detainee swallowed the package containing the drug, but died after a overdose at a local hospital.

“This incident points to the real dangers of introducing contraband into prisons and the consequences that follow.”said David Imhof, director of the TDOC’s Office of Investigations and Conduct, in a report in the Daily Beast.

The Department of Corrections emphasized that it uses “a variety of tools to try to prevent the introduction of contraband into Tennessee prisons, including searches of anyone entering a facility, vehicle and cell searches, and drug detection dogs”. Body scanners are also being placed at all facilities.

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