Zombie cases in China? Subject goes viral on social media


Why are the terms “zombies in China”, “zombies in china”, “zombie virus in china”, “zombies in real life”, and “zombies in china” trending topics in Google searches?

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TikTokers and Twitter Netizens Panicked About “Zombies in China”

Even with the increase in new viruses emerging in recent years, it’s hard to believe that a zombie outbreak is possible. Netizens, especially on Twitter and TikTokers, are increasingly concerned about the spread of “zombies in China”.

Dozens of netizens are questioning whether such an outbreak is possible and whether it had started quietly. Others upload videos that are supposed to be images of horrific fictional phenomena, but actually come from scenes from movies, series and video games. Despite being fake, the videos seem to worry some netizens.

“I don’t want to scare anyone, but why are people on TikTok saying there are zombies in China?” questioned one netizen, while another suggested he was willing to move to another planet, as long as he stayed away from those infected by the supposed virus.

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Others dismissed it as a big joke, humorously suggesting that a country as proficient at building walls as China should start building a new wall called the “Great Barbed Wire Wall.”

Jokes aside, this trend seems to come from one of the replicas of a real epidemic: Covid-19.

In a 2021 WeAreTheMighty.com article titled “This is how a zombie apocalypse is most likely to start in China,” one of the theories quickly jumped from COVID-19 to a fictional zombie virus. The article, which resurfaced in 2022 for unknown reasons, apparently sparked a trend on social media that also worried some netizens.

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