5 facts about the classic Disney movie

Check out some cuiriosities about ‘High School Musical 2’, one of the most outstanding films on Disney Channel

High School Musical 2, considered one of the classic Disney Channel films, turns 15 in 2022. The film, which features the return of the cast of the first feature, is composed of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Colemanamong other names.

To celebrate the anniversary of the beloved franchise, Recreio brought some curiosities about the musical film. Check out:

1. The voice of Zac Efron

During the first movie, Zac Efron was partially voiced by Drew Seeley, and it wasn’t because the actor couldn’t sing, but because his voice was too low for what was required.

So much so that, for the sequel, the voice of efron was already completely changed, and so he sang all the songs of High School Musical 2. In fact, Troy Bolton was the only character to have a solo song in this feature.

2. Jump in the pool

The actress Monique Coleman, who plays Taylor McKessie, couldn’t swim before filming. Because of this, the scene in which she was supposed to jump into the pool alone was modified so that she would jump together with Chad Danforth, character from Corbin Bleu.

3. Hats

One of the trademarks of Ryan Evans, played by Lucas Grabeel, was the frequent use of hats. For the second film in the franchise, the character wore 15 different hats throughout production.

4. Commercial

High School Musical 2 was the first Disney Channel Original Movie to have commercials on ABC, a famous TV station in the United States.

5. Remember

In the US alone, approximately 17.6 million people watched the film’s premiere, making it the largest audience in Disney Channel history in the country.

The official synopsis for High School Musical 2, available on Disney+, reads: “School is over for the East High Middle School Wildcats, and the teens are having summer fun like never before after getting jobs at a country club. Will they be able to solve their problems and shine on stage?” Check out the video for “What Time is It”, the first song of the feature.

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