Amber Heard Could Be Completely Erased From “Aquaman 2”

the participation of Amber Heard in “Aquaman 2” can decrease to the point of ceasing to exist. The new buzz behind the scenes is that DC is considering the possibility of deleting all scenes of her character, the mereafter the United States Justice gave an unfavorable verdict to the actress in the battle against Johnny Depp.

insiders Hollywood have reported the case on social media. Whether or not to confirm the deletion of amber of the film will come in the upcoming (closed) testing sessions of the film.

Amber Heard can be completely erased from "Aquaman 2"
(Photo: DC)

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the legal battle of Amber Heard against Johnny Depp made her situation even more delicate with DC. In defending that she was boycotted from the second film of the “Aquaman”, amber fell out with the president of DC Walter Hamadawho testified against her.

DC President Clearly Not Enthusiastic About Amber Heard

Walter Hamada stated, in court, that she was not boycotted because of her personal history with Johnny Depp. According to him, the participation of amber in the film was diminished because she “no chemistry” with Jason Momoa in the first film, and from the beginning of the sequel’s conception, it was thought of with fewer entries from Mera.

Amber Heard can be completely erased from "Aquaman 2"
(Photo: DC)

“They managed to make the first ‘Aquaman’ work, but there were a lot of concerns about that. You know when you see it, and the chemistry wasn’t there.”

The DC boss also admitted that there were meetings to evaluate the possibility of replacing amber by another actress in the role of Mera. It was a request for Jason Momoa that she continue in “Aquaman 2”.

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