Android 13 “Kills” Clipboard Sync Between Mobile and PC

Android 13 brought a malfunction issue for apps accessing users clipboard. It is no longer possible to automatically share content copied from your mobile to other devices using third-party apps like Join.

The change does not appear to be a bug, but part of Android 13’s security and privacy policies. The system automatically cleans all content stored in “CTRL+C” after one hour so no password or email address can be spied on by third parties. .

Join is a service that allows you to sync the clipboard of your cell phone, desktop and notebook in an easy way. So, you can copy information on one device and paste it on the other without having to send it by e-mail or use the Bluetooth connection.

With the changes in Google OS permissions, Join (and others similar) cannot access device logs even if the person uses developer commands. To work, the app would need to ask the user for permission every time it wants to read the log, in addition to having to be open in the foreground.

Because these tools work passively, in the background, Android 13 pretty much kills clipboard syncing. For now, the only way to do this sharing is with a much more difficult system that involves multiple steps to temporarily allow integration.

Android 13 makes it difficult for apps that collect information

Apps like Tasker would need to ask for permission every time and run in the foreground to work on Android 13 (Image: Mishaal Rahman/Twitter)

Tasker, created to automate actions, is also another one that suffers from the policy change by Google. The program cannot collect information to trigger the scheduled tasks, which makes the use of the software unfeasible.

According to the developers, Google has already said that it does not intend to go back on its implementation of Android 13. It will be up to the creators, then, to think of alternative ways to get their apps to work by circumventing the security barrier — or just putting aside their solution forever. .

On the Google discussion forum, an Android engineer said blocking background access would be “working as expected”. He said the company discourages any kind of automation testing that relies on logging without developer-user interaction.

Google does not intend to backtrack

Other app developers try to convince the giant creator of Android by reporting bugs and failures in other services, such as those used when the phone is idle at night. For now, there is no action by the manufacturer to change the policy or return to the previous state.

This has been an expanding trend since Android 10, when clipboard access by apps was drastically reduced to prevent passwords and bank details from leaking. At the time, several managers were affected, but app creators managed to get around the ban with alternative methods.

The solution is to wait for the creativity of the developers and hope they can fix it, but it is important to keep in mind that Android increasingly closes the siege to accessing personal information. Although it causes some inconvenience, this is good for the user, who will have a more secure operating system.

Source: Android Police

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