Atlético SAF: investor will have to cover the club’s total debt and contribute another R$ 1 billion – Rádio Itatiaia

The process for Atlético to become Sociedad Anónima do Futebol (SAF) has been going on behind the scenes and is beginning to take shape. According to information received by the Itatiaiathere are already 15 interested investors, and the “winner” of the best proposal will have to contribute, in total, the value of Galo’s debt, in addition to R$ 1 billion of investment for 50% plus one of the shares.

The transition from club to company is being handled by the bank BTG Pactual and the consulting firm Ernst & Young. More than 100 investment funds have already been contacted. Of these, 15 interested parties have already signed confidentiality agreements with Atlético.

Due to the way it has been built, Atlético’s SAF will be the largest among Brazilian clubs so far.

Atlético expects to reduce its global debt by R$500 million with the sale of Shopping Diamond Mall. In this way, the debt would fall to around R$ 800 million. Thus, the investor would put in the total amount of R$ 1.8 billion for 50% plus one of the shares of SAF do Galo.

As found out by Itatiaia earlier, the model adopted by América is the one that most pleases Atlético’s leadership, which wants to make the transition to SAF at the end of this year. Even without an investor, Coelho became SAF in December last year. “We want an investor, probably an international one, or a top European club or an investment fund,” a source told the report.

“We are going to establish the SAF by the end of this year. It may be that by then we will not have the investor, but even so, we will not give up having him. We will not be in a hurry for that”, he concluded.

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