Bolsonaro pulls youtuber by the collar and tries to take cell phone

Bolsonaro tries to pull a boy's cell phone
Bolsonaro went after youtuber in the playpen of Palcio da Alvorada (photo: Reproduction/G1)

A video of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) pulling a youtuber by the collar of his shirt went viral on social media this Thursday morning (8/18). The incident took place at the Planalto Palace, while the chief executive was talking to the press.

In the video, released by the G1 portal, youtuber Wilker Leo appears taunting the president. “You coward, chuchuca from the Center”, shouted Leo. When approaching the young man, Bolsonaro tries to grab him by the collar of his shirt and take the cell phone, which the young man used to film the moment.

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On his YouTube channel, Wilker has around 13k followers. J on TikTok accumulates more than 120 thousand followers. One of the series of videos produced by Leo is called “Questionando o cattle”, in which he appears interviewing people about issues involving Bolsonaro.

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