Brazilian delivers a ‘cachacinha’ to the Pope

Cristina Chaim delivers cachaça to Pope Francis. Photo: Vatican Media

In 2021, Pope Francis declared, in a relaxed atmosphere, that we Brazilians had no salvation: “It is a lot of cachaça and little prayer”. It took more than a year for a Brazilian to affectionately retort Francisco’s joke. Her name is Cristina Chaim, 32 years old, Catholic and a regular participant in the Youth of Our Lady group.

A group audience, which had been expected since 2018, took place at the Vatican in early August. Among the 180 young people present, many took gifts to the Pope – such as crucifixes, rosaries and images. “But since the pontiff’s declaration, I knew I had to bring him a penguin. I took in my suitcase a 200 ml bottle of cachaça from Minas Gerais with the label of the fictitious brand Lots of Prayer – Pouca Cachaça and a card with the same phrase and the Brazilian flag”, said Cris.

The expectation for the audience was high: the Vatican did not explain the protocols and Cristina did not know if she would have contact with the Pope. “I slept very poorly the night before and on the way I remembered that I would have to go through the search, where liquids or glass were not allowed”. In line, a member of the group pulled an Ave Maria to Nossa Senhora Aparecida, so that the “joke” would work. “At the time of the X-ray, the carabinieri let it go.”

At the end of the audience, the Pope offered to greet everyone personally. “In my turn, I was shaking too much, my stomach hurt. I approached, showed the card and the bottle. He laughed out loud, throwing his head back.” According to Cris, Francisco said: “Thank you very much, may God bless Brazil”.

OSGEMEOS paint in Japanese city

Otávio and Gustavo Pandolfo, OSGEMEOS, are in Japan preparing an unprecedented painting for the Reborn Festival – which starts on the 20th and takes place on the streets of Ishinomaki. They arrived early and had to take a Japanese lift course (platform to go up and down) and get the license to operate it. All this to paint a mural of about 40m², on the wall of a building in the center of the city, which was heavily hit by the 2011 tsunami. The work also titled Reborn is a tribute to the important festival created in 2017, with the aim of revitalize the region through the arts. Natasha Geenen articulated their going there.

Meeting of Masters of Gastronomy in RJ

The master in the art of Japanese gastronomy, Helio Makoto, from Makoto San, and chef Janaína Suárez, from Jojo Rámen, will cook together for the first time in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting will be in commemoration of the 1 year anniversary of the Asian restaurant Spicy Fish (location of the event), of the group 14zero3. The dinner will be held on Monday and will also be attended by the host and chef of the house, Emerson Kim.


BEST AGE. Festival 70+, organized by the Municipal Department of Culture, returns on August 27th and 28th, with presentations at cultural houses. Among the highlights is the show by Trio Virgulino and Trio Los Angeles, on the 27th, and Originals do Samba, on the 28th, at Casa de Cultura Freguesia do Ó. The musician Odair José will perform on the 28th at CC M’Boi Mirim.

FINANCIAL EDUCATION. The deadline for registration for the first edition of the BEI Financial Education Award for Public Schools ends tomorrow – which will recognize the ten best projects applied in the classroom involving financial education.

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