Brazilian is successful after saying he eats 100 eggs a day

Brazilian bodybuilder Fernando Torraca, 40, also known on social media as “The King of Diet” (in Portuguese, “O Rei da Dieta”), shocked followers and made headlines in the international press after sharing details of his diet, which he says includes a total of 100 eggs in a day.

The videos published by the professional, who now lives in Florida, in the United States, already have more than 2.2 million views on TikTok alone.

“Today, I am forced to eat almost 100 eggs a day to maintain my body,” he said, in an interview with UOL. Consumption is divided throughout the day, distributed from seven to ten meals, depending on the routine and training. According to him, this is because his diet is based in carbohydrate cycles.

He also says that he does not eat red meat or chicken, in order to facilitate digestion. “If I consume it, I go up to 72 hours without good digestion”.

In one of the latest videos published on TikTokwith 615 thousand views, torraca shows a basket with 400 eggs, which he says is enough for consumption over just four days.

“I’ve been training for 19 years and I eat, on average, seven to eight meals a day,” he says. torraca, in another post with 234,000 views.

With 100 thousand followers on Instagram and 520 thousand TikTok, the influencer, in addition to showing his diet and daily workouts, experiences unusual situations because of his appetite.

He was once kicked out by a pizzeria manager after eating 48 slices. “They kicked me out again and said they would call the police if I didn’t leave,” reads the caption of the video.

In fast-food chains, Torraca eats up to 30 hamburgers and has already been kicked out before he even ordered, after a manager recognized him at the door.

In some posts, he answers followers’ questions. In one, the person asks “What do you do for a living?” and he explains: “It’s quite simple, what I do for a living: I eat, I sleep and I repeat”.

“I started my journey of bodybuilding at 18, for 22 years. I have a real passion for this lifestyle, and even though I’m not a healthcare professional, I’ve been studying for over 15 years everything I report in my videos – but most of my content is based on my own experience.” explains the Brazilian on his YouTube channel.

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