Can downloading movies from the internet generate a fine? Don’t fall for scams

Be careful not to fall for scams and end up paying fake fines

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Piracy is a very old problem in Brazil, and it happens in relation to movies, music, books, games, among others. But can you pay a fine just for downloading a movie from the internet? Recently, complaints have emerged involving messages dealing with a fine in the amount of BRL 3,000. In this case, the person in question was being accused of piracy, and received this legal “action”. But is it true? Check it out below.

Can downloading movies over the internet generate any fines?

Right from the start, we made it clear: this is a scam. Although the practice of piracy is seen as inappropriate and illegal, when it is done without profit (only for personal use) it does not generate any fine. Therefore, if you receive one of these letters at home, or even on the internet, warning of a possible fine, it is a trap.

Until this moment, those who paid part of the amount later regretted it, and in many cases even suffered threats. In addition, it is very difficult to know who was the author of this crime, as most scammers use VPN to block the origin of access.

Thus, it is important to inform yourself about these issues so as not to end up falling for scams of this type. Whenever this type of “legal action” comes to your home, inform yourself about it, and always seek help from someone you trust or a lawyer before making any payments.

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