Casagrande gives tips to Thiago Silva after defender defending Neymar

The locker room problem at Paris Saint-Germain, which has Neymar and Mbappé as protagonists, became a reason for friction between Walter Casagrande and Thiago Silva, Chelsea defender and teammate of shirt 10 in the Brazilian team.

In an opinion piece by the UOL Esporte on who should charge PSG penalties, Casagrande stated that the pair [Neymar e Mbappé] is excessively vain and criticized Neymar’s stance.

The statement resonated and, in a post on Instagram, the Chelsea defender wrote about the commentator’s opinion: “Neymar, what have you done to this boy [Casagrande] there? (laughs) It’s not possible, guys, “he said. Tonight, in participation in” Podpah “, Casagrande replied and gave five tips to the defender.

“I didn’t attack Neymar, I gave my opinion. I never answered anyone who attacks me on social media, not even when they call me an addict. Casagrande, on the podcast.

“First: don’t cry in an important game at the World Cup. Second: don’t touch the ball inside the area, because otherwise Brazil will be eliminated. Third: don’t pop in a screwed up game at the World Cup. And fourth, it’s the following: be part of the group, don’t defend anyone, assume. Thiago Silva has these four items very clear in his recent history as a football player. Another thing, one thing was missing: don’t take a silly yellow card to stay out of an important game, as it was in 2014, that he didn’t let the Colombian goalkeeper hit and took the card”, he said.

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