CBF releases VAR audios in Fluminense vs Fortaleza bids

The CBF released this Thursday (18), the VAR audios during the match between Fluminense and Fortaleza, valid for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, last night (17). The confrontation was marked by controversies in the two goals of the Carioca team, which resulted in the final score of 2 to 2 in the classification of the team for the semifinals.

During the second half, Matheus Martins was brought down by Britez, and Wilton Pereira Sampaio, referee of the match, called a foul in favor of Fluminense. After analysis, the video referee, Pablo Ramon Pinheiro, indicated that the bid took place inside the area, resulting in a penalty. In the charge, Paulo Henrique Ganso displaced Fernando Miguel and made the first of the Flu in the game.

See the conversation between Wilton Pereira Sampaio and Pablo Ramon Pinheiro about the move:

VAR Assistant: Wilton, wait. Checking if it went in or out [da área].

VAR: Wilton, factual review. The foul takes place on the line, inside the area. Penalty, okay?!

Wilton Pereira Sampaio: The fault was clear, right?!

VAR: Clearly lacking.

According to VAR rules, the referee should only be called to the video in case of doubts regarding the award of the maximum penalty. In cases like the one between Fluminense and Fortaleza, where the review takes place only to confirm the place of the infraction, the video referee himself can inform the field judge about the decision.

Minutes later, Germán Cano received a cross from Arias and completed it for the goal, making the second for Flu. This time, Fortaleza’s complaint came because of the Argentine striker’s position. In the check, VAR confirmed the goal. Look:

VAR: There clearly cool [passe recebido por Arias antes do cruzamento]. It will be necessary to make a line and see the point of contact with the ball [momento do cruzamento para Cano marcar].

VAR Assistant: Wilton, we have two situations: the first is ok. We are checking the second offside position, please wait […] Adjusted bid.

VAR: Can confirm. Legal position. Wilton, goal checked and confirmed. Both positions are legal.

After the game, the president of Fortaleza, Marcelo Paz, harshly criticized the refereeing during the two clashes between the teams.

“I come here to express my indignation with the refereeing in the two games against Fluminense in these quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil there in Fortaleza in the draw that was very doubtful that impediment, the frame of when the ball comes out. We came here (at Maracanã ), we make it 2 to 0 and he invents a penalty in a ridiculous way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an absurd penalty being scored by VAR that stops the image and gives a penalty like that”, he began saying.

“The arbitration commission needs to review this, it’s putting an end to the spectacle of Brazilian football. What justifies the guy giving a penalty that the referee didn’t give on the field? Then, still the second goal of Fluminense with offside again dubious. moves against Fortaleza, all, in my view, with errors, or at least, with a very high possibility of error and were against us that resulted in a disqualification”, he added.

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