Check out the main news of Android 13 and how to update

O Android 13 was officially launched this week and is already coming to Pixel smartphones, which are usually the first devices to receive versions of the Google system. The launch was long-awaited since the “Google I/O”, an event that revealed the new version of Android and brought a series of news. Check out!


One of the most interesting news is the security improvements for users. In the privacy settings it will be possible to access a report of the last 24 hours with information about the applications that have accessed location, camera and microphone data.

In addition, it will be possible to choose which media files the apps will be able to access, eliminating the need to give full access to the gallery, for example, and it will also be possible to hide personal data by enabling the device to discover nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Permission for notifications

This feature was already available in the latest versions of iOS and it works very simply: whenever a newly installed app is opened, the system will send a pop-up asking the user if he wants to receive notifications from the app in question. If the answer is no, the application will be prevented from sending alerts until there is a change in the permissions settings.

Customization possibilities

Google spent a good part of the launch event showing details and presenting the possibilities for customization. The app icons will change color according to the background image. For example, if the predominant background color is yellow, the apps will also be given a similar color and hue to match the background.

Bluetooth Low Energy technology support

The new version of the system supports Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which, simply put, delivers low-latency audio to wireless headphones and ensures lower power consumption. To use the technology, the headphones must be compatible.

Redesigned media player

The media player also received a makeover and can now be easily accessed directly from the notification bar even with the smartphone locked, making life a lot easier for users. It is also possible to see the progress of the song and the cover art of the album or single is projected in the background of the lock screen.

how to update

At the moment, Android 13 is being made available only for Google Pixel smartphones, but if you really want to test the new system, you can install a beta version on some models.

To have the operating system it is necessary to enroll in the program Android Beta and then update Android 13. Remembering that, as it is a version still in testing, the system may present instability and failures.

To check for available software updates, access “Settings”, “System”, “System Update” and finally “Check for Update”. If there is an upgrade available for your device model, it will be displayed on this screen.

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