Corinthians thrashes Portuguesa at Fazendinha and assumes the leadership of Paulisto Feminino

Corinthians won another rout in Paulistão Feminino on Wednesday night. Playing at Fazendinha, Timão dominated Portuguesa and thrashed the opposing team 6-0, taking the lead in the competition.

Timão put pressure on the visitors during the 90 minutes. In the first stage, the net was swung only once, by Bianca. In the second half, the alvinegra team found itself on the field, dominated the match once and for all and expanded with Andressa, Grazi, Miriã, Gabi Morais and Jheniffer.

With the result, Corinthians draws on points with Palmeiras, having six each, but assumes the top of the table by the criterion of goal difference.

Alvinegra schedule: Corinthians returns to the field on Sunday, when it faces Real Brasília again, in a decision for the Brasileirão. The ball rolls at Neo Química Arena, at 11 am, for the second game of the quarterfinals.

The headliners!

Coach Arthur Elias sent a mixed team to the field, thinking of saving his players for Sunday’s decision. The big news was the presence of Tainá Borges, a goalkeeper who has recovered from a knee ligament injury.

Thus, Corinthians went to the field with Tainá, Mariza, Diany, Andressa and Yasmim; Grazi, Lia Salazar and Juliete; Bianca Gomes, Miriam and Mylena.


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The game

First time

Corinthians started the match exchanging passes in the attacking field. The first submission took place in the first few minutes, when Mariza advanced on the right and triggered Grazi at the entrance of the area. Shirt 7 hit high, but the ball went over the goal.

A few minutes later, still within the five minutes, Corinthians had a rehearsed corner play. Yasmim and Mylena made the short play and the attacker got rid of the marking at the entrance of the area to hit the goal, but she kicked weakly and the ball stayed with the goalkeeper.

Timão dominated possession of the ball and looked for spaces to play, without suffering opposing pressure. With just over ten minutes, the alvinegra team was back in danger. Grazi once again finished on the edge of the area, but saw the ball hit the post and go out through the back line.

The Corinthians pressure soon had an effect and at 15 minutes the score was opened. The Corinthians cross in the area found Bianca at the top, who only needed to dodge with a head to swell the net.

Even after opening the scoring, Corinthians continued to press the visitors in search of more goals. With about 20 minutes into the game, Mariza got the cross from the right and the defender deflected it, but the ball remained alive in the area. Mylena fought for the leftovers and even managed to deflect towards the goal, but the goalkeeper recovered in the play and made the defense.

Five minutes later, from a corner, Yasmim scored with Mylena and crossed in the area for Bianca to make a low deflection, but the defense intercepted once again and put the ball out. The new charge was not dangerous, but Timão continued with the ball and started again in the defense field.

With 30 minutes of play, the alvinegra team came close to extending the score. In a short corner kick, Lia scored with Mylena and hit the goal, but the goalkeeper made a save and put it in a corner. The new charge crossed, stayed with Timão and the ball was lifted in the area once again. Mylena tried the bicycle submission, but the ball went out on goal kick.

Corinthians continued to put pressure on their opponents. In the final minutes, Juliete worked the ball with Lia Salazar and risked the shot from afar, but the ball skimmed the crossbar and went out. Shortly after, in the left of a corner kick, it was Yasmim who got the ball and tried the high kick, but sent it over the goal.

Second time

Corinthians returned for the second half without changes and maintaining the pressure of the first stage. The first alvinegra submission came from Juliete’s feet after the move between Bianca Gomes and Lia Salazar. The goalkeeper made the deflection and put the ball in a corner, giving Timão the opportunity to keep pressing.

So the second goal happened. The ball was lifted in the area and Andressa went up high to head to the back of the net and score the second Corinthians goal. Shortly after, in a similar move, but in a free kick by Yasmim, who deflected it from the top was Grazi, but the ball went out on goal kick.

The alvinegra team kept pressing and didn’t give space to Portuguesa. Timão had two good arrivals with Yasmim and Miriã, but Grazi extended the lead. After many attempts from outside the area, shirt 7 managed to convert when he sent the ball high over the goal. 3 to 0 at Fazendinha!

The third goal only increased Corinth’s dominance in the match and soon the victory became a rout. Miriã received Bianca’s pass on the right, advanced free of marking and hit low in the corner to make the fourth.

With about 20 minutes, Arthur Elias made the first changes in Corinthians and soon changed four names, promoting a debut in the team. Paulinha, Gabi Morais, Jheniffer and Jaqueline entered the field in the places of Mariza, Lia Salazar, Bianca and Miriã.

Ten minutes later, the alvinegro coach returned to change the team and put Julia Brito, from the base, and Adriana on the field in the places of Grazi and Mylena.

Debutant of the night Gabi Morais needed an opportunity to score her first goal for the club. The corinthiana scored with Adriana and hit from the entrance of the area, the ball deflected in the defense and changed its route, taking the goalkeeper out of the play.

In the final minutes, Arthur Elias promoted another debut in the main team, this time from a young girl from the base. The striker Carioca entered the field in place of Andressa.

In stoppage time, Corinthians gave final numbers to the game. Jheniffer received the pass inside the area, got rid of the marking and hit the corner, taking it from the goalkeeper, to make the sixth alvinegro goal.

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