Elderly woman turns 106 and celebrates doing what most women want to do

An elderly woman was very innovative when it came to ordering a birthday gift and ended up receiving a totally unusual party at the nursing home where she lives, in the United Kingdom.

Norah Shaw loves novelty and asked her daughter to have a handsome, ‘fitted’ man present. And that’s what retired parish secretary Gill Shaw, 67, did.

A light-eyed stripper was sent to the house, wearing only an apron, bow tie and face shield.

“I was without a swimsuit. It was very funny. Eddy was tall, had beautiful eyes, and was very attractive. He had no chest hair, which impressed me. I had never seen anything like it”, commented the very happy old woman.

But despite the nudity, the event was very peaceful. Model Eddy Betteridge, 32, brought joy to the elderly at the home by delivering cupcakes and stuffed buns to guests at the event.

Born two years before the Spanish flu pandemic, Norah has seen two world wars, had three children, seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Completely lucid, the elderly woman emphasizes that the birthday was excellent. “I had an absolutely wonderful day, it was wonderful the whole time,” she said.


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