Expansion of the IT market and the Metaverse; understand

In recent decades, the internet has expanded exponentially. In this sense, in 2021 alone, about 200,000 people joined the labor market focused on the technology sector in Brazil. In fact, it is important to point out that this sector has currently become more coveted due to its salary attractive, which are three to five times higher than the general average salary.

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However, in the contemporary world, from the social isolation movement generated by Covid-19, a new field of work in this area has been taking away a significant amount of these professionals: the opportunity to be part of a true technological evolution, of a break in paradigm, in which the waves tend not to stop multiplying: the Metaverse.

However, it is important to point out that there is a deficit of professionals in the IT area in Brazil, estimated at 797 thousand workers by 2025. The area, in fact, according to research by the Association of Information and Communication Technology and Digital Technologies Companies ( Brasscom), has been growing a lot, but it is not keeping up with the demand that the market has been demanding.

According to Flávio Tavares, CEO of Upper ADucation, “today, there is no profession without technology, and this only increased with the emergence of the metaverse. Think of any area of ​​human endeavor… there, you will find an application of the metaverse, whether in the medical field, in education, in the real estate sector or in the industry”.

Finally, he concludes that “knowing about the metaverse is not just essential for anyone looking to enter the IT industry, but for anyone looking to stay employed in any role. When technology is democratized, you can be sure that many professions will go extinct.”

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