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TudoAzul and Magalu offer 8 points per real when buying iPhone 13 - Equivalent to almost 100 thousand points

Smiles and Casas Bahia have a campaign today where they offer their customers up to 15 miles per dollar spent when buying iPhones. See the main details below.


In this campaign, the accumulation of extra miles is structured as follows:

iPhone 13:

  • 15 miles – Diamond or Smiles Club customers when purchasing a 256GB iPhone 13
  • 13 miles – Diamond or Smiles Club customers when purchasing other iPhones 13
  • 08 Miles – Other Customers when purchasing the 256GB iPhone 13
  • 07 Miles – Other Customers

iPhone 12:

  • 13 miles – Diamond Customers or Smiles Club
  • 07 Miles – Other Customers

iPhone 11:

  • 13 miles – Diamond Customers or Smiles Club
  • 07 Miles – Other Customers

How to Participate in the Promotion

  1. Click on this link to access the promotion website.
  2. Log into your Smiles account.
  3. Choose the product and proceed with the payment.

Promotion Details

  • The campaign is valid only today, August 18, 2022 or while stocks last.
  • The products must be sold and delivered by Casas Bahia.

iPhones on Promotion

By purchasing the iPhone below, you can earn up to 97,335 Smiles miles.

iPhones Shopping Smiles

Assuming the value of one thousand Smiles as R$20, we are talking about something around R$1,946.70, which represents a discount of approximately 30% in the value of the device.

take note

For those who were planning to buy an iPhone, this is a good promotion, which even has one of the highest scores ever offered by Smiles and Casas Bahia.

What did you think of the promotion?

Heads up

  • Compare prices both with the regular website of the provider of the service or product you are purchasing, and with competitors.
  • Make a print screen of all the steps of the purchase, because if you have any problem with crediting the points, you will be able to demonstrate that you used the promotion hotsite.
  • The promotion is good, but it might not be good for you. Think about it!
  • Accumulating points for accumulating is not a good strategy. You should have a clearly defined goal and earn points to achieve that goal.
  • Saving points is bad business. They may be devalued at any time or the program may change the accrual and spend rules without notice.
  • The best strategy is “earn and burn” or accumulate and burn.

To know more

In this link you will find other promotions for the accumulation of points that we have recently published.

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