Flamengo fulfills second sports goal and exceeds millionaire value in awards in the season

In full evolution in recent months, under the command of Dorival Júnior, the Flamengo has just completed the second of three sports goals set for the season: reaching the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil. Now, all that remains is the objective involving the Brasileirão for a profitable year-end – and on schedule.

+ ACTIONS: Defense stands out and Pedro takes the highest score in Flamengo’s classification in the Copa do Brasil

The qualification to the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil was guaranteed this Wednesday, with the 1-0 win over Athletico at Arena da Baixada. After a 0-0 draw at Maracanã, the Rio de Janeiro club asserted its technical superiority and secured itself again among the best in the national tournament.

The first sports goal had been accomplished in the last week, when Flamengo eliminated Corinthians and stamped the spot in the Libertadores semifinals. In the Brazilian Championship, the objective established by the club was to finish, at least, in the second position of the table.

The goals have a direct impact on the club’s finances, which projected revenues in 2022 in the region of R$ 847 million. In addition to the awards distributed by the CBF, with the classification, the club guarantees another game with full stands at Maracanã.

Atletico vs Flamengo - Pedro

Pedro scored the winning goal (Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo)


Liberators: Upon reaching the semifinals of the Cup, Flamengo has already secured US$7.55 million – around R$39 million, according to the current quotation. If it advances to the decision, the club will receive another 6 million dollars or another 16 million dollars, amounts paid to the vice and champion of the Cup, respectively.

The prizes paid by CONMEBOL at each phase of the Libertadores:

Group stage: 3 million dollars
Round of 16: $1.05 million
Quarterfinals: $1.5 million
Semifinal: $2 million
Vice: 6 million dollars
Champion: 16 million dollars

Brazil’s Cup: By eliminating Altos and Atlético-MG in the previous phases, Flamengo had already guaranteed R$ 8.8 million in prize money. With the qualification for the semifinals, the club will receive another R$ 8 million, totaling R$ 16.8 million in the tournament. This value can grow even more if Fla reach the final.

The prizes paid by the CBF at each stage of the Copa do Brasil:

Third phase: BRL 1.9 million
Round of 16: BRL 3 million
Quarterfinals: BRL 3.9 million
Semifinal: BRL 8 million
Vice: BRL 25 million
Champion: BRL 60 million

Brazilian: After 22 rounds, Flamengo has 39 points and is in second place in the Brazilian Championship, just behind Palmeiras (48). The prizes are paid by the CBF at the end of the 38 rounds, on November 13th.

The prizes paid by the CBF per position in the Série A do Brasileirão*:

1st place: BRL 33 million
2nd place: BRL 31.3 million
3rd place: BRL 29.7 million
4th place: BRL 28 million
5th place: BRL 26.4 million

*Values ​​referring to the 2021 edition. CBF – which distributes prizes from 1st to 16th place in the Series A – did not confirm the 2022 values.

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