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After two straight weeks of no midweek games, the Strength has a decisive commitment in this Wednesday (17) against Fluminense for the Brazil’s Cup. The clash between the tricolors is worth a vacancy in the semifinals of the competition.

Fluminense vs Fortaleza: follow the broadcast of Verdinha:

Fluminense vs Fortaleza: follow the match in real time:

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1st time


The game started with Fluminense putting pressure on Fortaleza, with Cano missing a great chance in the 7th minute, with a great save by Fernando Miguel.

Leão held the initial pressure and left for the game, getting his goal practically in his first attack: Titi made a throw, Nino missed and Thiago Galhardo hit for Fábio’s defense, but in the rest, the ball hits Manoel and Nino before going in. .


With the goal, Leão was more comfortable in the game, while Fluminense was very nervous, making a lot of mistakes.

And Tricolor took the opportunity to grow in the game and create good chances to expand. First, Britez headed wide after Romarinho’s free kick in the 24th minute. Three minutes later, Romarinho gives a great pass to Romero, who finishes for a great save by Fábio.

Fluminense responded in the 30th minute, with Samuel Xavier finishing with a deflection for a great defense by Fernando Miguel.


In the final stretch of the 1st half, the match was more balanced and also truncated, but Leão managed a great move in stoppage time and scored the second: Galhardo launched Romero, who hit Fábio’s departure to score the second and give the team the advantage need to rank.

2nd period


The final stage of the game started with Fluminense trying to pressure, due to the disadvantage in the confrontation. But Fernando Diniz’s team was anxious, disorganized and couldn’t create.

Fortaleza, on the contrary, retreated its lines and went on to defend itself, trying to exploit the counterattacks.

It was when, in the 17th minute, the referee awarded a penalty for the Carioca team after reviewing the VAR, with Ganso scoring and replacing Fluminense in the game.


After Flu’s goal, the match became more open, with Fortaleza creating a good chance with Galhardo hitting out, with danger, in the 20th minute.

Fluminense responded with Cano, who hit to a great save by Fernando Miguel.

But in the next bid, at 26, the team from Rio de Janeiro tied, with a goal from Cano after Arias’ pass. The bid was adjusted and reviewed by VAR before being validated.


With the tie, Fortaleza went on top with Vojvoda’s offensive changes. Tricolor pressured Flu until 53, but could not create more to reach the classification goal.



Fábio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel, Caio Paulista, André, Nonato, Ganso, Matheus Martins,
Cano and Arias. Coach: Fernando Diniz


Fernando Miguel, Brítez, Marcelo Benevenuto, Titi, Ceballos, José Welison, Hercules,
Matheus Vargas, Thiago Galhardo, Romarinho and Silvio Romero. Technician: Vojvoda

Technical sheet | Fluminense vs Fortaleza

Date/Time: 08/17/2022, at 20:00
Location: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (FIFA-GO)
Assistants: Bruno Raphael Pires (FIFA-GO) and Bruno Boschilia (FIFA-PR)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (RN)
Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Verdinha and real time in Diário do Nordeste

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