‘I always want to look at this world of fame with strangeness’ – Jornal do Oeste

“I may be the guy of the moment, but this is the result of a construction”. This is how Paulo Vieira describes the current moment of his career. The 29-year-old comedian from Goiás saw his name return to the most talked about topics on social media this week and, in an interview with Estadão, announced that he signed on as artistic director of TV Globo to lead the script of a new Globoplay series.

On Sunday, the 14th, the artist premiered the painting Lip Sync, from Domingão with Huck and his performance as Elsa, from Frozen, guaranteed him not only the victory in the competition against Letícia Colin, but also more than twenty million views on social networks, according to Paul himself.

“It was a bigger repercussion than I thought, but I imagined it would resonate, yes. There was a time in my career when, when people praised me, I let people think that everything was by chance. But, in fact, it’s all always thought about”, said the comedian about the presentation.

At the same time that he was planning the show, Vieira was also, and continues, dedicating himself to the Pablo & Luisão series. He has been leading a group of writers, who meet weekly to bring dramaturgical life to the hilarious and real cases involving the actor’s father and his best friend.

Pablo & Luisao

The stories are a hit on Paulo’s twitter, where they are told in the form of a thread. “Actually, I already do the artistic direction of all my projects. So I’m very happy that in this new contract everyone is recognizing that. This project is a recognition,” he stated.

Without giving many details about the production, the director explained that he was called by Globoplay to transform these comic cases that he already shared into a 16-episode series that will be recorded in 2023.

Although this work arose from posts on Twitter, the comedian explains that, in general, social networks work, for him, as “potentiators”. “It’s another window. Work goes away, turns into other things, turns into conversation, meme. For me, social media is a laboratory of what works and what doesn’t.”

All these achievements are pointed out by the comedian as part of a continuous trajectory that he intends to trace in his career. However, with regard to the greater visibility achieved this year, Paulo highlights two works.

Big Brother Brazil and Fantastic

Since January, at BBB, the comedian has gone viral with his appearances on the Big Therapy board, with acid jokes about the participants, the reality show and its twists and turns. In May, Vieira debuted on Avisa Lá Que Eu Vou, a program in which he tells stories of special inhabitants of small towns in Brazil. Small unpublished snippets were appetizers inside the Sunday Fantástico.

“I think that the union of these two products, Big Brother and Fantástico, was fundamental for the construction of the moment of career that I am in now, because Big Brother is this cannon that gives popularity and Fantástico has given me credibility, with this program with a journalistic tone”, he said.

But it was not just that. The comedian also recognizes that, through living with the plurality provided by Avisa Lá Que Eu Vou, he remains connected with its essence.

“For me, it’s very important to always be rooted in the real Brazil. I think my differential is always seeing with a foreigner’s eyes. I always want to look at this world of fame with strangeness. It is this look that makes me realize who I want to show on television”, he concludes.

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