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Since the Netflix started to invest in international productions, films and series recorded and produced in Spain have increasingly stood out on the platform of streaming. It is in this sense that the original series Intimacydebuts today in the platform’s catalog, uniting the phenomenon of Spanish productions with another successful brand of streaming: the productions of police thriller.

The production follows the standard acquired by Netflix of 8 episodes per season and was carried out in partnership with Txintxua Films. The thought-provoking plot and promising cast are key elements that can make the series Intimacystand out among the productions that debut in June. Check out some important information about the title below:

Discover the plot of “Intimacy”

Women can have their intimate lives exposed in a new Netflix series (Image: Disclosure / Netflix).

Despite having an engaging story and a notable evolution in its main arc, the series Intimacyends up bringing subplots and important themes in its development. The series depicts, for example, the power that social networks have exercised in life in society and the way media exposure can make and break careers in seconds.

It is through this context that the series presents the stories of four completely different womenwhose lives share a common meaning: they must do everything they can to their public and private lives to be kept separate. Things get more tense when a intimate video of one of them, the policy malen (Itziar Ituño), leaks into the Internet and turns your life upside down.

Now that the truth about the private lives of the other three women can be exposed virtually, they must fight these leaks together, in an attempt to keep their secrets under wraps and not have their lives ruined by the exposure. Will they be able to face a system nourished by the controversies that surround them while they saw the subject of all the people around them?

Is “Intimacy” worth watching on Netflix?

Netflix intimacy
“Intimacy” meets the demands of a large part of the subscriber audience (Image: Disclosure/Netflix).

Currently, considering the creative context of Netflix, It’s safe to say that the platform streaming he wouldn’t invest in a production that doesn’t have the potential to be successful in his catalogue. In that sense, the series Intimacyemerges as a new option for who already likes series about political scandals and police investigations, as is the case with “Anatomy of a Scandal” (2022) and “For Life” (2020).

The series, therefore, presents itself as an unmissable marathon for those who enjoy breathtaking storylines what reveal details about the truth during the course of your season. THE suspense building and the individualities of the protagonistshere, also make the series recommendable for those who like complex characters that the viewer thinks he knows – but discovers he doesn’t.

The series is the perfect indication for those who like stories with complex characters (Image: Disclosure/Netflix).
The series is the perfect indication for those who like stories with complex characters (Image: Disclosure/Netflix).

In addition, your compact character also makes Intimacyone of the specific series for those looking for a full entertainment in reduced time, as the season’s plot features a well-structured beginning, middle, and end. Finally, the plot is also addressed to those who have followed the spanish productions from the media giantwhich, as mentioned before, have captivated an ever-increasing audience of subscribers.

Watch the official trailer for the series:

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