Iron Island season two gets premiere date on Globo

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08/17/2022 18:36

From the 25th, Thursday nights on TV Globo’s programming will invite the public to embark on a plot surrounded by passion and fury, with the premiere of the second season of iron island.

Created by Max Mallmann and Adriana Lunardi, with final writing by Mauro Wilson and artistic direction by Afonso Poyart, the new series of episodes brings the characters involved in new storms, on or off the most famous oil platform in Brazil: the PLT. -137.

In ten episodes, the public will be able to follow all the adrenaline and sweat of working on the high seas and the new adventures of the characters Dante and Jlia, played by Cau Reymond and Maria Casadevall, who now have new companions on the scene, with the arrival of Mariana Ximenes, Romulo Estrela, Eriberto Leo and Erom Cordeiro, playing, respectively, the characters Olivia, Ramiro, Diogo and Playboy.

Characters are like emotional sharks, they need to move so they don’t die. Almost always getting into or creating confusion. The platform is the epicenter of the story, where they meet and share their anxieties. But on dry land, we have a powerful police trail. There’s more to and more passion‘, says Mauro Wilson, the series’ final writer.

Now, in the second season, we feel more appropriate to this universe, we get to know the characters, and this gives us more freedom to move forward and delve deeper into the stories and ghosts of each of them.‘, explains artistic director Afonso Poyart.

The double life, with the routine that is divided every 15 days between the work on board and the routine on dry land, makes them not feel complete anywhere.

Let’s continue to tell the story of this guy who feels better on the platform, away from the land, than at home. We are going to show this duality between land and sea that those who work on a platform feel. They feel a little weird on land, and not entirely natural on the platform. We are always trying to find out what this type of work and lifestyle impacts on people’s relationships.‘, summarizes the director.

To unravel these relationships, the plot gains a new color, new points in the central love ‘polygon’. The conflicts and turmoil of Dante (Cau Reymond) and Julia (Maria Casadevall) increase in power with the arrival of Commander Ramiro (Romulo Estrela), of Dr. Olvia (Mariana Ximenes) and Diogo (Eriberto Leo), Julia’s brother and president of the oil company.

The calls announcing the premiere, on the air on TV Globo’s programming since last week, are the result of a meticulous sound effects work carried out jointly by the station’s Promotions and Technology teams, which provides a feeling of immersion in the atmosphere of tension. and plot adventure.

Created by Max Mallmann and Adriana Lunardi, iron island written by Nilton Braga, Mariana Torres, Rodrigo Salomo, David Rauh and Anna Lee, and finalized by Mauro Wilson. The series is directed by Afonso Poyart, Roberta Richard and Rafael Miranda, with artistic direction by Afonso Poyart.

The cast also includes Osmar Prado, Klebber Toledo, Alice Palmar, Helena Albergaria, Jefferson Brasil, Bruce Gomlevsky, Chris Couto, Renan Monteiro, Marcello Ferreira, Gery, Toia Ferraz, Kizi Vaz, Jonathan Azevedo, Neco Vilas Boas, Jlio Rocha, Douglas Rosa, Giovanni Gallo, Cludio Gabriel, Augusto Madeira, Cadu Favero, Bernardo Schlegel, Jos Rubens Chach, among others.

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