Is my cell phone able to use the technology?

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the long awaited 5G internet will arrive in Vitória next Monday (22). For now, only the capital of Espírito Santo will have access to the new technology. However, to enjoy the benefits of a faster network, the device must be smartphone capable.

According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), there are 83 devices with the technology approved in Brazil. Most of them are already being marketed. Others are yet to be released by manufacturers.

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Anatel emphasizes that homologation is a prerequisite for the use and commercialization of the product in Brazil, and the consumer must, before purchasing such products, check the homologation code stamped on the chassis (or in the product manual) and consult their operator about the product’s network compatibility.

See the list of approved devices in Brazil


iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
*There are other certified Apple models without trade name registration


ROG Phone 5
ROG Phone 5S
Zenfone 8
Zenfone 8 Flip
ROG Phone 3
Zenfone 7


Nokia G50


Legion Phone Duel


Motorola Edge Plus
Motorola Edge
Moto G50 5G
Motorola Edge 20
Motorola Edge 20 Pro
Motorola Edge 20 Lite
Moto G 5G Plus
Moto G71
Moto G200
Moto G 5G
Moto G G100
*Other Motorola models are certified without trade name registration


Zero 5G


Realme GT 2 Pro
Realme 8 5G
Realme GT Master Edition
Realme 7 5G
Realme 9 Pro+


Galaxy Note 20 5G
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
Galaxy S21 5G
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
*There are other Samsung models certified without trade name registration


TCL 20 Pro 5G


Xiaomi 12
Mi 10T Pro
Mi 10 T
Poco M4 Pro 5G
*There are other Xiaomi models certified without trade name registration


Touch Computer

5G internet activation

In addition to the capital of Espírito Santo, the Anatel group that monitors the cleaning of the lanes for 5G activation should also approve this Thursday (18) the release of the technology for the cities of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Palmas (TO) and Florianópolis. (SC).

The forecast was informed by Anatel counselor and president of the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems in the 3,625 to 3,700 MHz band (Gaispi), Moisés Moreira, in an interview with Broadcast (the Group’s real-time news system). State).

There was already an expectation that 5G would be authorized in these cities soon, as the deadline extension for the technology to operate in all capitals was not applied to these four municipalities.

Last week, Gaispi recommended an additional 60 days for 5G to run in 15 Brazilian capitals. Anatel’s board of directors has yet to approve this extension.

By the current rule, all capitals should receive the signal by the end of September. But, due to the schedule of delivery of equipment necessary to avoid signal interference, the group recommended extending the deadline.

With the activation of the signal in Rio de Janeiro, Palmas, Florianópolis and Vitória, there will be 12 capitals with the technology in operation. 5G already works in Brasília, Curitiba, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Goiânia, Porto Alegre and João Pessoa

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