Journalist rebuts Landim and cites ‘arrogance’ in Fla stadium

In an interview with the Charla Podcast, granted this Tuesday (16), TV Globo journalist Eric Faria strongly opined about the construction of a possible Flamengo stadium. Making it clear that he is not against construction, Eric commented on President Rodolfo Landim’s speech, where the leader stated that Maracanã would be for small games. For the journalist, Rio de Janeiro does not need a new stadium.

As Eric Faria said, “Maybe I’m a dreamer. I think Rio de Janeiro didn’t need a new stadium. In truth. Maybe I’m even a little nostalgic too, I love Maracanã”.

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In addition, the journalist showed his anguish with Maracanã, if Flamengo builds its own stadium. “I have a very big concern. It’s Flamengo’s right, it’s the fans’ right to want a home sweet home, but like this, Maracanã needs to fix a little thing or another, in terms of contract, concession. It is the most famous stadium in the world. Where else are you going to get by train, subway, bus, by foot, by car?”

On the podcast, one of the presenters, Bruno Cantarelli, remembered the speech of the president of Flamengo, where Rodolfo Landim said that small games would be at Maracanã. Eric Faria finally replied: “I think it’s a bit arrogant to say that, small games. Wow, Maracanã is Maracanã people. We are not talking about a tiny stadium.”

Own stadium gaining strength

Behind the scenes, Flamengo is already formulating the idea of ​​building its own ‘house’. Currently, Maracanã owns the post of the largest stadium in Brazil, with a maximum capacity of 78,000 people. But recently, the club is studying to acquire the space in the Gasómetro region, land close to the city center.

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