Kitchen Serves Over 100,000 Free Meals a Day in India | World

About 16 tons of food are prepared daily in a kitchen in Amritsar, India, which is open 24 hours a day, serving more than 100,000 people.

The kitchen is close to the so-called Golden Temple, one of the most important shrines for Sikhs, followers of a religion founded in the Punjab region between India and Pakistan.

Many on-site workers are volunteers, in addition to 350 cooks. Most of the work is done by hand, with the exception of a mechanized oven that produces about 18,000 loaves an hour.

Meals are free for those unable to pay and are served to people of all religions.

About 16 tons of food are prepared daily in this kitchen in Amritsar, India.

Dozens of people eat for free in Amritsar, India — Photo: DW/Reproduction

Aerial view shows the Golden Temple in India, a sacred site for the Sikhs — Photo: DW/Reproduction

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