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In an interview with PodDelas, actor João Guilherme revealed details of his relationship with his father, singer Leonardo. In the program that aired on YouTube on Wednesday, the 17th, the star of productions such as Fala Sério, Mãe, said that the relationship with his father did not begin in early childhood and that the singer’s distance and concert schedule made him that Leonardo approached João only from the age of seven. “My father was not present since he was a baby. I never had my father to watch. (Even more) before the age of six in Goiânia”, reported João, in a conversation with Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta.

The actor followed the rant by remembering that he grew up with his mother’s family. “My father, I started to exchange ideas with him when I was about seven or six years old. I say go, be present. He lives in Goiânia, it’s in another state. My mother, until I was six years old, didn’t want me to travel”. The actor pointed out that, little by little, Leonardo became a reference in his life. However, their relationship remained different compared to the other siblings.

“Zé Felipe, for example, grew up in my father’s house, he is the son of Poliana, who is my father’s wife. The three together there. And then yes, there is my father every day playing the guitar, singing. If I had this greater contact, maybe nowadays I would already know much more and it would be much more pleasant to know how to play the guitar”, confessed João.

Due to the distant relationship with his father, the artist reported that his musical references were different from his brother Zé Felipe. “There (in Leonardo’s family) I never learned anything, nobody ever taught me. What I learned was seeing and admiring. It was too far away. Me, singing on stage with my dad? A very personal thing”, said João in reference to his brother Zé Felipe, who at the age of 16 took the stage to sing with Leonardo.

The actor said that the figures that inspired him were relatives of his mother, such as his uncle Pe Lu, who was part of the Restart group, and his grandfather, César. “My reference was my uncle, rockstar. Colored pants. My father was something that came a little later.”

João stated that he did not listen to sertanejo so much, that life in São Paulo with his mother and the relationship with his stepfather suggested other musical preferences. “Do you think my mom will be putting my dad’s songs to play inside the house? Of course. And with her husband?” he added. The actor concluded by saying that although he was not a reference in childhood, currently Leonardo has become one of his inspirations.

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