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The government of India may make USB-C port mandatory for charging cell phones and other electronic devices. It is yet another country that is studying to join a movement started by the European Union and that should directly impact Apple, which still uses the Lightning port to replace the iPhone battery.

The subject gradually gains international contours. In Brazil, Anatel is carrying out a public consultation on the subject. The United States is also debating the issue, and two lawmakers have urged the government to mandate the use of a single charger by 2024.

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Lightning connector has been in use since 2012 — Photo: Marvin Costa/TechTudo

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India may make it mandatory for smartphones and tablets to have a common charging port in the coming years. A ministerial official revealed that the government will meet with industry manufacturers and specific technology market organizations to assess the possibility of ending the use of multiple chargers.

The Indian government considers that non-world standard products will be allocated to the Indian market if manufacturers are not pressured to change. In addition, the decision would be in convergence with measures to address the environmental and climate crisis, as it would result in the decrease of electronic waste in India.

USB-C should become the world standard — Photo: Vitor Grama/TechTudo

In June 2022, several organizations in the European Union agreed to implement a single mobile charging port for mobile devices and other devices. Cell phones, tablets, e-readers, headsets, digital cameras, headphones and headsets, handheld video game consoles, and wired cable rechargeable portable speakers will all have to use USB-C, regardless of manufacturer. The policy takes effect from 2024.

In Brazil, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) carries out public consultation 45/2022 to define the technical requirements that will standardize cell phone chargers in the USB-C format. Contributions can be sent until August 26.

Check out the summary about the iPhone 13

Check out the summary about the iPhone 13

Currently, the biggest tech companies in the world – such as Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, OnePlus, Motorola and Samsung – have adopted USB-C in their smartphones. If they want to switch devices, users of these brands would not need to obtain new chargers separately.

Apple is the only high-end smartphone brand to have its charging slot. The owner on the iPhone has been using Lightning since 2012. Although it does not speak officially on the subject, the American company tests with the iPhone USB-C port and should adopt the standard on the iPhone 15, therefore, two generations ahead of the current iPhone 13.

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