NUBANK: Learn how to anticipate payment for purchases in installments

that the Nubank is one of the most innovative digital banks in Latin America is nothing new for anyone. To affirm this characteristic, we will explain in this article how you can pay your credit card bill in advance, with its total or partial amount.

When to advance installments?

Firstly, it is necessary to inform that when making the advance, the installments will migrate to the current invoice, with a discount by the fintech. In turn, the payment of the invoice can still be made in advance.

Therefore, the credit card limit is reinstated and the more installments are advanced, the greater the discount given by the digital bank. Thus, payment can be made by bank slip or through NuConta.

In the first case, banks have up to 3 business days to transfer the amount to the Nubankin the second option, the limit is available within a few minutes after payment.

The feature is ideal in situations where the merchant does not offer a cash payment discount. In this way, the consumer has the option to pay in installments with the card. Nubank and receive a discount if the installments are paid in advance.

How to anticipate an in-app purchase?

The advance payment of the installment can be made as follows:

  1. Access the Nubank application;
  2. Access the “Credit Card” area and check the next installments;
  3. Select the installments you want to advance;
  4. Click on “Advance Installment”;
  5. Check the discount and follow the procedure;
  6. Once this is done, the advance installments will automatically be directed to your current invoice, and can be paid at any time.

How is the installment of a specific purchase?

See the step by step below:

  1. On the home page of the Nubank application, click on “Credit Card”;
  2. Click on “Install Purchases”;
  3. Select the purchase and indicate how many times it will be paid in installments;
  4. Click on “View Summary”;
  5. Check payment terms and conditions;
  6. Click on Continue and click on “Confirm”.

In addition to advancing the installment, Nubank also allows the customer to pay their credit card bill in advance.

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