NVIDIA and AMD will significantly reduce the price of some video cards

The two big players in the video card segment, NVIDIA and OMG, are preparing a significant price cut on some of their graphics cards. This trend that NVIDIA has been doing for some time will also be applied by AMD, informs some market sources heard by My Drives.

In the case of NVIDIA, this action of cutting the price of the cards, according to the sources consulted, will really have an impact, since the company, in line with suppliers and other partners, aims to relieve the stock of the RTX 3000 line, opening space for the next generation, the RTX 4000which should be announced in September.

According to the most recent rumours, only the RTX 4090 will be launched later this year, while the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 will only appear in early 2023. This strategy would be in line with what AMD can do with RDNA 3-based GPUs. AMD is likely to only release the RX 7900 XT this year, and leave other options, such as RX 7700 XT and RX 7800 XTfor 2023.

NVIDIA would also be committed to offering a greater MSRP reduction than AMD will offer for its lineup. RX 6000.

It is worth remembering that in second fiscal quarter financial report, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made it very clear that there has been a significant decline in sales of its graphics cards, causing a big impact on the company’s gaming division, the main pillar of the GeForce giant. Huang also said he was taking steps with gaming partners to adjust pricing and inventory channels.

These behind-the-scenes moves are entirely related to this steady drop in the price of graphics cards, driven by the radical change that the cryptocurrency market is currently facing. Taiwanese sources heard by DigiTimes predict that the global GPU shipments are expected to drop 50% this year.

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The forecast is that this new price cut, with more impact on high-performance models, should come into effect from the end of August. Unfortunately, such radical price changes in the international segment are not usually reflected in such a significant drop when we bring the discussion to the Brazilian market, however, the trend of approximation of the ideal price for several boards should continue.

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