Pedro’s bicycle goal defeats Felipão’s antigame

Who looks at the score of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil between Flamengo and Athletico can even conclude that it was balanced. After all, two matches, one goal. Nothing different from reality. It was a confrontation between a team that wanted to play against another that wanted to prevent the game.

On balance, Flamengo concluded 35 times in the goal of the team from Paraná, against 14 on the other side. Athletico sent only one ball towards the goal and didn’t have any great chances created in 180min, according to Sofascore statistics.

We can’t even say that the red-black team was brilliant, it wasn’t. But it was also difficult to play at Arena da Baixada as it was at Maracanã. And then a decisive factor was the antigame practiced by Felipão’s team in both legs of the qualifiers.

In the first game, it was the constant waxes, players down with cramps and the numerous fouls. In total, Athletico made 38 fouls in both games, twice as many as Flamengo. The second match was marked by violence at the beginning, Fernandinho gives Gabigol a penny (not even missing), Khelven gives in the middle of Vidal.

Raphael Claus, who is usually a good referee, chose to only give a yellow card halfway through the first half. The referee is not wrong in trying not to mark any fouls, but his priority must also be to preserve those who want to play football.

Of the little football there was, Flamengo had more possession and dominance for 15min/20min, and then gave the field to Athletico. Felipão’s team, however, has few offensive ideas. And, it should be noted, it cannot be attributed to the fragility of the cast. Yes, the carioca rubro-negro has many more technical resources. But Athletico have good players. Avaí, for example, was able to attack the Carioca team more.

From the 30min of the first half, Flamengo regained control of the game. And he started to hammer a team that defended itself well in the middle, precisely the sector that the Rio team likes to abide by. Gradually, Rodinei began to enter the game and expand the Atletico field.

The return of the second half had Flamengo in open offensive action, turning the ball on both sides under the baton of Vidal. I could have already opened the scoring when Rodinei found a precious cross on the right and Pedro put a bicycle (with shin) into the goal. It was a football revenge.

At a disadvantage, Athletico finally left with the exchanges of Felipão. Cuello, Cannobio and Vitinho came in to create plays. The team grew and started to threaten high balls in the area. There was a need for a more articulated game on the floor. There was about 20 minutes of pressure, but defenders Fabrício Bruno and Léo Pereira had good performances.

But the best chance was for Flamengo when Pedro pulled a classy counterattack and served for Gabigol to miss the goal.

It was only with 45 minutes that Dorival Jr removed his forwards to add an extra defender, in the case of Pablo, and another defensive midfielder Diego. It was even a little embarrassing to realize that, when Flamengo had one more defender, Athletico couldn’t even throw balls in the area anymore.

At the press conference, Felipão justified that Flamengo is not an ordinary team. Remember, Athletico eliminated the Carioca team in the last two Copas dos Brasil, one of them when Jorge Jesus was coach. Flamengo was already financially powerful and the team from Paraná played well-fought games and deserved to pass the stage, one of them against a beginner Jorge Jesus.

This time, in three games, including the Brazilian, the aggregate score was Flamengo 6 x 0 Athletico. Is it possible to assign it only to the cast?

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