Swiss Guard collapses in front of Pope Francis during traditional audience

A Vatican spokesperson said the man was doing well and had suffered a ‘drop in blood pressure’.

Vincenzo PINTO / AFPguard falls in front of the pope
People tend to a Swiss Guard who lies on the ground after collapsing during the Pope’s weekly general audience

A Swiss Guard fainted in front of the Pope Francis this Wednesday, the 17th, during the traditional general audience in the Paul VI hall of the Vatican. The episode lasted about twenty seconds and the man was immediately helped by the people around him, who helped him to his feet. After about two minutes, the time it took to regain consciousness, the guard was escorted out of the Paul VI room. The Vatican spokesman said the cause of the fainting was associated with “a drop in blood pressure”, but added that the guard “is fine now”. At the end of the audience, Pope Francis went to speak with a member of the Guard Switzerland, which it does not usually do naturally. To many observers, the famous uniform worn by members of the guard – with blue, yellow and red stripes, a pleated collar of bright white fabric and a lightweight metal helmet with ostrich feathers – may not be suitable for the summer heat, though. that the vast Vatican hall is air-conditioned. The Swiss Guard is one of the military corps that, despite its peculiar appearance, takes its mission very seriously, as it is exclusively dedicated to protecting the Pope. It is the smallest army in the world and also the oldest, with more than 500 years of history. In the face of what happened, rumors in the local press indicate that Pope Francis offered a chair and something to eat to the Swiss guard in charge of his night protection in his apartment in the Santa Marta residence, in the Vatican. The historic body’s strict rules surprised the Latin American pope, who invited the bewildered young captain to rest after discovering he had been on his feet all night. When the guard refused, arguing that the rules prevented him, Francis said: “I am the pope and I ask you to have a seat,” and then offered bread and ham.

*With information from AFP

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