‘Tchutchuca do Centrão’: Bolsonaro tries to take youtuber’s cell phone after provocations

The president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) tried to take the cell phone of youtuber Wilker Leão after being provoked by him, while talking to supporters, on the way out of Palácio da Alvorada, in Brasília (DF).

In a video, released by G1, the youtuber appears asking questions, provocations and calls the president “tchutchuca do Centrão”. In the sequence, Wilker is pushed and starts cursing Bolsonaro as a “tramp”, “a bastard” and a “coward”. In the recording, it is not possible to identify who pushed him.

Shortly after, Bolsonaro gets out of the official car and goes towards the youtuber, saying he wanted to talk to him. However, as he approaches, the president grabs Wilker’s shirt and tries to take the cell phone that was in his hand.

Then presidential security pushes the youtuber away from Bolsonaro, while he screams asking to be released by the team. According to G1, after the episode, Bolsonaro talked to the youtuber for a few minutes.

“You can talk to me freely, no problem. But why this aggressiveness?”, asked the president. According to Wilker, he had tried to talk calmly with the president at other times, but it would have been banned.

Afterwards, the president responded to the questions made by the youtuber before the confusion. “I need to get things passed in Parliament, right? If it’s to approve alone, I’m a dictator. Close everything, close the Supreme, close Congress, close everything and I’ll solve things myself. I have to have the support of Parliament. The centrist parties are almost 300 of the 513 parliamentarians. How am I going to pass a simple bill dispensing 300 votes?” Bolsonaro said.

“I can’t be a 100% president. It will displease one or the other in something, it will displease, ”she added.

With 13,000 subscribers on Youtube, Wilker says he has been a lawyer and corporal in the Army since 2014. He also claims to have worked as an assistant to the Legal Department of the Army’s Department of Economy and Finance since 2015.

According to the youtuber, the purpose of his channel is “to promote discussion about everything related to this political and military universe”.

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