The World Cup Album has a curious novelty that will affect collectors of the stickers; see changes

Illustrated book of Qatar Cup stickers has arrived for those who pre-ordered

For those who pre-ordered on the paninithe official sticker album of world Cup 2022, in Qatar, arrived this Thursday in the hands of consumers. This Friday, the launch takes place on newsstands across the country.

AND it will no longer be possible to ask your colleague’s “128” for “347” when changing the stickers. That’s because Panini, which produces the official album, changed the way of identifying the stickers.

Now, instead of a continuous numbering from 1 to 670 on the back of the cards, it is now divided by country and session.

That way, all selections are numbered from 1 to 20. For example, Neymar’s chrome is the “BRA 17”. Mbappé is “FRA19” and so on.

The report of ESPN contacted Panini to explain the reason for the change, but did not get an answer until the end of this article. On social media, several collectors have complained about the new numbering method.

Other changes

For fans who were used to the image of athletes and usually a “fake background” of a football stadium in previous editions of the World Cup album, now the background is standardized for all athletes.

Another change is that the World Cup table on the front pages in previous editions had a space line to place the scores and the World Cup knockout bracket. This is now only available in the group stage on each selection page.

The 2022 edition of the album also has 50 special stickers and 80 extra stickers, in the base colors, bronze, silver and gold, which will be randomly distributed in the envelopes.

The opening date of the World Cup was also printed wrong. That’s because the opening game, Qatar x Ecuador, is still listed as on November 21, and was recently moved to November 20.

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