What Felipão and Athletico learned from Fla with an eye on Palmeiras

Athletico is out of the Copa do Brasil and is now thinking about the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores against Palmeiras. It is true, in the middle of the way there is the Brazilian Championship, but coach Luiz Felipe Scolari will have 12 days to plan the games against Abel Ferreira. The first knockout defeat under the command of Hurricane left lessons for a new duel.

The first match between Athletico and Palmeiras takes place in Curitiba, on the 30th. The game in São Paulo will be on September 6th. Until the first confrontation, the team from Paraná faces América-MG and Ceará, both for the Brasileirão.

no gaps at all

Athletico used three defenders and three defensive midfielders at home, bet on long balls for the sides and preferred not to expose themselves. The reason was the quality of the opponent, who on Wednesday was Flamengo and will soon be Palmeiras. The rule is the same, despite being another color ahead.

“What we learned is that against these teams we also have to give the least opportunity in any sector. They are players of great quality. We cannot take any risk. Or rather, try to [não correr riscos]”, said Felipe.

it will be different

“Flamengo plays with diamonds [no meio-campo] what if [o outro time] don’t play with a diamond, it stays in the middle there like a silly cockroach”, explained Scolari.

The detail is that Felipão himself expects another team to duel with Palmeiras.

“Play differently, my son. Play differently. Don’t play with diamonds like Flamengo does. So, the lineup will probably be different”, warned the coach of the Paraná club.

2 to 0 is not a parameter

At the beginning of July, Athletico applied 2 to 0 at Palmeiras in the heart of Allianz Parque. The victory with goals from Vitor Roque and Vitor Bueno, however, will not be the pillar of the preparation for the games against Abel Ferreira’s team.

“We played with Palmeiras in São Paulo, we won. But we know that that game does not serve as a parameter for the next two games involving a Libertadores”, said Luiz Felipe Scolari.

It’s possible. IT IS?

Against Flamengo, Athletico drew goalless at Maracanã and waited as long as possible to let their guard down in Curitiba. In the end, he adopted the optimistic reading.

“The main lesson is that we can. We had a good performance that wasn’t bad, no. If it wasn’t great because we didn’t score, it was good in the general sense. All of them had good performances, from reasonable to good”, said Felipão.

Just praise for Abel

Unlike recent attacks against Abel Ferreira, which came from some Brazilian coaches, including Cuca, Mano Menezes and Jorginho, Felipão was always praising the Portuguese. So much so that he has declared a few times that “Abel is the greatest coach that Palmeiras has had in all seasons”.

“I worked with Abel when he was a player, for two games in the squad there in Portugal and, fortunately, I have a fantastic friendship with Abel and I really like him as a person and as a coach. I like the way he is. a very strong way to play. The victor will not be me or Abel, it will be Athletico or Palmeiras”, said the gaucho coach, after elimination in the Copa do Brasil.

Other responses from Felipão at the press conference after the game with Flamengo:

Stance against Flamengo

“We studied, we thought that was how we had to do it. We did it in all the games we studied, in all the games we won, no one contested anything. No one found anything. Now, we lost a game, it’s all wrong. It’s not all wrong, it’s very good and I hope that the Athletico fans understand what I’m talking about.”


“Two games that give us the possibility of a final. Against whom? No one knows. Don’t think that Vélez [rival do Flamengo na semifinal] it’s that easy, no. Go play there and you’ll see. Wait and see…”

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