What will be the rules for becoming an MEI in 2023? see what has changed

The changes announced for individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) should benefit much of the category in a few months. The new rules will take effect from 2023. Among those that were released, is the Electronic Service Invoice (NFS-e) through the Simples Nacional Portal. See what changes for MEI soon.

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The forecast, according to Sebrae, is that 13 million entrepreneurs will benefit from January next year, so the MEI is still obliged to issue the invoice when the service is provided to companies.

What changes for the MEI?

In practice, what many entrepreneurs want to know is what will change for them next year, as there has been so much talk about some changes. The answer concerns ease. We know that each city has a regulation, so in some places it is allowed to issue an online note, that is, a single note. However, there are also cities that demand the digital certificate. Most require prior registration.

Anyway, there are so many rules from one place to another that the MEI has to suit to practically all of them, but with the NFS-e that will be available in a short time, everything will be easier, since the document will be valid throughout the country. It will be enough for the justification and constitution of the tax credit.

Thus, from next year, the novelty dispenses with digital certification for authentication and signature of the document issued by the MEI. To issue the NFS-e, the MEI will use the customer’s CPF or CNPJ number, as well as indicate the type of service and the amount charged.

After issuance, the service will generate a notification to the customer’s mobile device. The process is even simpler and faster. The rule so far says that the electronic tax document can only be released if it concerns transactions not taxed by ICMS.

For this reason, the MEI that works with the commercialization of goods will not be able to issue electronic invoices to companies. However, the idea is to expand the service to this group soon.

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