Will WhatsApp start charging for using the app?

The company Meta created a paid subscription plan for WhatsApp Business. Check out how it will work and its advantages!

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Recently, the company Meta, which owns the rights to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, launched a new version of the main messaging app in Brazil: WhatsApp Premium. Understand how it works!

How does WhatsApp Premium work?

WhatsApp Premium is a WhatsApp Business subscription plan, available for Android and iOS, which guarantees the subscriber some exclusive benefits, such as creating links with the company’s name in the URL and having up to 10 more devices connected to the profile.

WhatsApp Premium has not yet been officially launched, so there is still not much information, such as the price and other exclusive features.

What are the features of WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a version of WhatsApp totally aimed at companies and MEIs (Individual Microentrepreneurs), its purpose is to facilitate contact between the entrepreneur and their customers. Check out their main services!

  • Compatible with up to 4 devices simultaneously;
  • Tool for personalized message for companies;
  • Adaptable registration for landline numbers;
  • Commercial profile, with implementation of links, address and other additional information.

Discover other applications aimed at MEIs!

Being a MEI is a difficult task, but there are some tools, in addition to WhatsApp Business, that seek to make life easier for micro-entrepreneurs. Check out two of them!


The MEI application, available for Android and iOS, was created by the Federal Revenue Service with the intention of making the day-to-day life of microentrepreneurs easier. Its services are:

  • Issuance of the DAS (Simples Nacional Collection Document);
  • Consultation of tax debts;
  • Request the refund of payments;
  • Receive all information updates related to MEI and SIMEI (Simples Nacional Tax Collection Monthly Fixed Amounts), among other services.

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