Woman tries to talk to cute koala and ends up violently attacked – News

It’s been a while since koalas have stopped looking like the cute animals that pose for pictures. It started with the revelation of their terrifying howls, and now a new video shows how aggressive these animals can be when they’re not having a good day.

In the video, which went viral on TikTok, a woman is filmed as she tries to talk to a koala sitting quietly on the side of a highway.

It doesn’t take long and the interaction soon gets out of control: the koala starts attacking the woman’s leg and aggressively jumps towards the victim, who falls to the ground, unbalanced.

The narrator of the video seems to have a lot of fun with the situation. “Get her! Get her!”, he says, between laughs. Even with the victim sprawled, the marsupial continued the attack, showing no mercy.

In the comments, many suggested that the woman attacked was likely from the US, as she demonstrated that she did not know how to deal with Australia’s terrifying fauna.

Despite their cute appearance, koalas can be aggressive towards humans if they feel threatened.

“If Americans ask me if teddy bears are real, I’ll send them this,” someone said in the video.

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