4 reasons to see The Time Traveler’s Wife

Like this I Will Love You Forever (2009)movie starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Banathe book of Audrey Niffenegger got a new adaptation. This time in series format, the HBO released both on TV and streaming (HBO Max) the first season of The Time Traveler’s Wife. The original attraction was developed by Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) and received the direction of the veteran David Nutter (game of Thrones) in its 6 episodes.

The title has the beautiful chemistry between Rose Leslie (death on the nile) and Theo James (Divergent), respectively, playing Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble, in a passionate story built in different periods of the protagonists’ lives. The bad news? HBO ended up not renewing The Time Traveller’s Wife for a second season. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from checking out a neat production full of romance.

Below, a list of 4 reasons to watch The Time Traveller’s Wife:

Love written in time

The series follows Henry in his involuntary back and forth across the timeline. Always appearing naked at different times, he does not know the reason for his condition, but discovers that Clare is the love of his troubled life. To nurture this relationship, Henry starts visiting Clare since her childhood, to chat and kill time while they don’t meet adults. Clare, still a child, barely knows that she is facing her future husband.

Simplified confusion

The plot spans quite varied decades of the characters’ journeys. And Henry is often faced with younger or more mature versions of himself, something that a lot of makeup and the casting of child and teen actors punctuates well. In addition, each version of Henry that appears on screen is accompanied by a caption with his age. That way, the audience doesn’t get lost and soon distinguishes who is who by their behavior or haircut.

shaping each other

Of course, Clare is noticing the differences between Henry and Henry. Seeing the older man as her ideal match, Clare – in her 20s – struggles to deal with the immature Henry close to her age. This makes the girl need to understand that, although she already knows how Henry will be, she needs to be patient with the young man who is still on this journey. Jealous of his future self, Henry, still a boy, demands himself to live up to expectations.

straight from the heart

Knowing that time is limited, the couple starts recording testimonials for those who end up alone – and Henry knows well that the end of his days is near. In these videos, the series brings Clare commenting on aspects of this relationship that seems unique, but which has elements that are well known to any lover outside of fantasy. A remarkable moment is when the aging woman mentions the burden of living with the absence of a loved one.

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